CAF is preparing to launch the African Super League and supports FIFA to hold the World Cup every two years

At a time when the European Super League project was aborted, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is close to implementing its project for the African Super, in light of its support for the International Federation (FIFA) to hold the World Cup every two years.

CAF members are expected to provide enormous support for plans to hold the World Cup every two years, as well as to establish the African Super League when an emergency general assembly is held in Cairo on Friday.

This is the second emergency general assembly this year for the 54 CAF members, after Motsebe was elected president last March in Rabat.

World Cup every two years

CAF President Patrice Motsepe has already expressed his support for organizing the World Cup every two years instead of four years, and the General Assembly is expected to endorse the plans of FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“One of the biggest benefits of holding the World Cup every two years is the development of countries,” Motsebe said at a news conference last month.

Motsebe has become a close ally of Infantino, who has lobbied in recent months for support for plans to expand the World Cup, but has faced fierce opposition from Europe and South America.

African Super League

It is also expected that CAF will request official approval for another idea from Infantino to establish the African Super League, with the participation of 20 teams on a permanent basis, with one or two teams changing every season.

“The Super League is a new competition for Africa, because the rest of the competitions are restricted by agreements and do not bring in enough money,” Motsebe explained.

Other plans to launch the Super League in Europe failed, but Africa is pressing to activate its own version.

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