E-commerce with strong sales growth in Q3 / 2021

Robert Klatt

In Germany, sales in e-commerce have risen sharply again, although the stationary trade was open.

Berlin, Germany). According to data of the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel Deutschland eV (bevh), the sales of online retail rose sharply in Q2 / 2021 compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Sales of 22.194 billion euros (+ 14.8%) were achieved in e-commerce and sales of 22.467 billion euros (+ 14.3%) in interactive trade. Q3 / 2021 is thus the third quarter of the industry with the highest growth in five years.

The strongest increase in turnover in the daily requirement cluster (+ 24.8%). This includes groceries, drugstore products and pet food, among other things. There was also strong sales growth in the leisure cluster (+ 19.6%), for example with sporting goods and in the furnishings cluster (+ 17.6%). In addition to furniture, this also includes accessories such as sofa covers.

Multichannel and D2C are growth drivers

E-commerce sales have increased the most in digital direct sales by manufacturers (D2C). Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, this sales channel has recorded double-digit growth rates in every quarter. The cumulative sales growth of this sales channel from January through September 2021 is 23.2 percent.

The sales of multichannel retailers, which are sold via various platforms such as eBay and Amazon sell their products. The sales growth here is 21.2 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

“The positive development of the multichannel retailers, who have contributed to the industry’s strong results, is particularly gratifying. Among them are many companies that were previously purely stationary and built a digital pillar under high pressure during the pandemic. That makes us optimistic and shows that many of these retailers are successfully establishing themselves in digital trading ”. Christoph Wenk-Fischer, General Manager of the bevh, comments on the situation.

Catch-up effects in digital services

Digital services, including travel bookings and ticket sales, also saw strong sales growth in Q3 / 2021 (+ 31.0%) to 2.23 billion. In Q2 / 2021, however, sales growth in these industries was significantly higher (+ 61.3%). According to the data from the bevh, these are largely catch-up effects that arose from the large drop in sales in the previous year (- 66.6% in Q3 / 2020). According to the data, consumers in Germany are again spending more money on holidays and concert tickets, but are not yet as keen to spend as they were before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.

100 billion euros in annual sales

Total sales in e-commerce in the first nine months of the year are around 67.4 billion euros. In total, interactive retail, including services, achieved sales of 74 billion euros in this period. The bevh is therefore assuming that they are forecasting an annual turnover of 100 billion euros. This is also supported by the fact that the particularly strong Christmas quarter is still ahead.

Publication of results in 2022

The results of the consumer survey “Interactive retail in Germany” will be published next year. The data is collected by the company BEYONDATA GmbH, which asks 40,000 private individuals from Germany over the age of 14 about their consumption behavior in mail order and online retail. The interim results that have now been published are based on data collected from Q1 / 2021 up to and including Q3 / 2021.

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