Egyptian circles await the release of opponents in exchange for their pledge to quit politics

Egyptian human rights and media circles are awaiting the release of some opponents and the improvement of detention conditions for others in exchange for their pledge to quit political work.

Journalists and human rights activists expressed their optimism that the government would adopt an approach towards detainees, in light of leaks about dialogues conducted by security leaders with detainees in prisons.

Media circles spoke of promises made by those close to the decision-making circles to release some detainees and improve the conditions of the rest in detention, in return for their pledge to stay away from political activity.

In response to this atmosphere, an Egyptian website published an article by the son of a leader calling on the authorities to release his father so that he could live his life among his family and relatives away from politics.

On the Mada Masr website, human rights activist Abdullah Al-Haddad published an article entitled “On the prisoner’s father… Before it’s too late.” And the intended prisoner here is Essam El-Haddad, assistant to the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Al-Haddad the son said in his article, “There is a decision owned by the authority in Egypt, which is the choice between a person like my father spending the rest of his life among his family and grandchildren who were deprived of him because of the years of imprisonment, or sitting alone in a solitary cell in which he spends the rest of his life.” .

He added, “During the previous period, many messages from detainees in Egyptian prisons were leaked, calling for a pardon and release from prisons in exchange for a complete withdrawal from public life, with a pledge not to engage in politics from near or far.”


He considered that “this is an unprecedented step and could be the seed of societal reform and healing, but it did not receive enough attention from the Egyptian authorities. It seems that whoever believes that the current situation can be maintained using repressive means is the loudest voice in internal discussions.”

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Al-Haddad confirmed that he was keen to issue the article from an Egyptian website or newspaper in order to avoid any misunderstanding related to links to any agendas or external pressures.

He added that he might write other articles in Egyptian newspapers, “because the resolution of the detainees’ file will not happen except by political decisions issued from inside Egypt.”

He pointed out that he had seen signs suggesting that there was a desire for progress in this file and its mobilization by the Egyptian leadership, and the efforts of former MP Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, which he described as favorable and encouraging.

He added, “But it is clear that it is within a limited scope, and we, the families of the detainees, must work to expand these efforts to include the rest of the political detainees, such as my father and brother, and result in bold decisions on which the release of the detainees is based.”

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