He used to raise slogans of patriotism and fight corruption.. The president of Damanhour University was arrested on charges of bribery

Cairo- In the halls of one of the colleges of Damanhour University in the Beheira governorate (northern Egypt), the university’s Dean, Obaid Saleh, lectured about combating corruption. He stood wearing a T-shirt urging this, and next to him was the governor, Hisham Amna (a former army officer), calling for transparency.

The times when Saleh appeared, talking about patriotism or the need to fight corruption, were numerous. Therefore, the surprise that the Egyptian public opinion received during the past hours was stark, as local media reported the news of the arrest of the university president on charges of receiving bribery money.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Administrative Control Authority announced the arrest of the president of Damanhour University and others on charges of taking bribes amounting to about 4 million pounds (the dollar = about 15.7 pounds), in exchange for facilitating the receipt of supplies from some suppliers dealing with the university.

Paradoxically, as you put it Al-Watan Newspaper The Egyptian president stated that fighting corruption is his first priority, noting that he formed a committee to fight corruption, after the emergence of what was known on social media as the “buffalo teeth” scandal.

A few days ago, a certificate from the Supreme Administrative Court proved that students studied at the Faculty of Dentistry at Damanhour University (in the era of Obeid Saleh) some practical lectures inside the barns of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the same university, so that they were trained on the teeth of buffalo and cows, instead of studying and training on human structures. In well-equipped laboratories, as it happens in the rest of the colleges.

Thus, the Supreme Court confirmed the administrative court ruling issued in 2015 in favor of two batches in the first and second divisions of the Faculty of Dentistry at Damanhour University, obligating the Supreme Council of Universities to distribute these students – numbering 320 – to the corresponding dental faculties in Egyptian universities.

The administrative judiciary ruling described what happened in establishing a college and accepting students without providing the laboratories, devices and equipment necessary for that study as an obscene harm to the students’ future that must be removed. about their constitutional and patriotic duty and committed a sin against these students.

However, Obaid Saleh received the confirmation issued by the Supreme Administrative Court and the subsequent uproar in the media and communication sites, telling Al-Watan newspaper that there are goals behind raising such an issue, and that his first priority is to fight corruption that hinders the progress of the university.

Other issues

This was not the only case that affected the President of Damanhour University, as a number of university faculty members filed a lawsuit against him in 2018, accusing him of wasting public money, corruption and using university resources for the benefit of his family, accusations that Saleh described at the time as baseless “nonsense”. of health.

It is noteworthy that Obaid Abdel-Ati Saleh was born in the Beheira governorate, graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and was appointed as a teaching assistant in 1988, then rose to positions within the faculty until he reached the position of Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Damanhour University in 2015, before taking the position of President of Damanhour University On December 29, 2016, by presidential decree, renewed on April 28, 2020.

The arrest of the President of Damanhour University sparked a wave of ridicule among the pioneers of social networking sites, who circulated pictures of the President of Damanhour University while participating in more than one anti-corruption event, and referred to his speeches and patriotic slogans for university students.

Source : Egyptian media + The island + Social Media

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