In refusal to continue their detention, Sudanese detainees begin a hunger strike


The Sudanese Congress Party said that political detainees in the state of Sennar, in the southeast of the country, have entered into a hunger strike in refusal to continue their detention since last October 25 without any charges being brought against them.

This came in a statement issued by the party, which is affiliated with the Forces for Freedom and Change – the Central Council – participating in the former ruling coalition.

The party said, “The political detainees in Sennar state have entered into an open hunger strike starting from Tuesday, due to their prolonged detention since the October 25 coup, without charges being brought against them, and depriving them of their most basic rights.”

The party did not mention the number of these detainees, but said that the most prominent of them are the ousted governor of Sennar state, al-Mahi, Muhammad Suleiman, and the reporter of the Empowerment Removal Committee (governmental) Ali Tariq al-Arsh.

It was the “Sudanese Congress” that pushed Palmhi Muhammad Suleiman to the position of governor of Sennar by his nomination during the participation of the “Freedom and Change” forces in power before the actions of Army Commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on October 25 last.

Sudan has witnessed, since October 25, protests against the measures taken by the army chief, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on the same day, which included declaring a state of emergency, dissolving the Sovereignty Councils and transitional ministers, dismissing Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, and arresting party leaders and officials, within measures described by political forces as “” Military coup”.

Although Al-Burhan and Hamdok signed a political agreement, on Sunday, that includes the latter’s return to his position, the formation of a government of competencies, and the release of political detainees, and the two parties pledged to work together to complete the democratic path, political and civil forces expressed their rejection of the agreement as an “attempt to legitimize the coup,” vowing to continue protests until Achieving full civilian rule.

There is no figure announced by the Sudanese authorities about the number of political detainees in Sudan since the procedures of Al-Burhan, but opponents of these procedures estimate them in the hundreds.

The authorities released 9 ministers and politicians during the past days, and promised to continue the procedures for releasing the rest.

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