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In the video.. Messias crowns an imaginary journey from a delivery worker to the champion of Milan

Junior Messias completed a fantastic career from a refrigerant delivery worker to netting the net in his first game in the Champions League when the Brazilian came on as a substitute and gave AC Milan a 1-0 win at Atletico Madrid on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old, who joined Milan from Crotone last summer, scored the goal of his first attempt on goal as a Milan player in his third participation with the team.

Messias told “Amazon Prime”, “I dedicate this goal to my family and friends in Brazil. But especially to everyone who believed in my capabilities and brought me to Milan. I went through a different path than the others, so I dedicate this goal to them.”

Messias was not exaggerating the matter, his journey was imaginary to reach the top.

Messias moved from Brazil to Italy in 2011 and played in the amateur league in addition to working as a refrigerant delivery worker before being included in the Italian leagues.

In 2015, he joined Casale in the fifth and fourth division, and then to the third and second in the following years, before playing in the first division for the first time with Crotone at the age of 29.

Messias impressed, scored 9 goals, and after the relegation of Crotone, he joined Milan.

Messias was exposed to physical problems at the beginning of his career with Milan, and his participation against Atletico was the third with the whole team as a substitute.

“This is the most important thing that has happened to me so far,” he said. “But my humility must be maintained. You cannot constantly criticize yourself or get high on compliments. The right balance must be found.”

His decisive goal raised Milan’s tally to 4 points, like Atlético, and they are one point behind second-placed Porto before the group concludes in December.

Milan needs to beat Liverpool in its last match, while Atletico Madrid will visit Porto. Milan coach Stefano Pioli is waiting for a lot from his Brazilian player.

“It’s an amazing story, but I think he’s still in the beginning,” said Pioli. “He has great potential and this goal will increase his confidence.”

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