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Patel did what Blair did not do.. David Hearst enumerates the harmful effects on the prospects for peace in Palestine of Britain’s ban on Hamas

British writer David Hurst said that British Foreign Secretary Priti Patel sent a message to the Palestinians that they can enjoy democracy, as long as they vote for a party that accepts the right of Israeli forces to terrorize their families.

He added that Patel’s second message to the Palestinians is that any other option to resist the Israeli occupation is off the table. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) will cause you to be labeled an anti-Semite. Whatever Israel does, it cannot be tried by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Hearst’s pedigree article It’s on the British Middle East Eye website.Middle East Eye) to Peter Ricketts, a former British diplomat and head of the Joint Intelligence Committee under former Prime Minister Tony Blair, as saying last Friday that banning the political wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) would not change UK foreign policy, and that Hamas should be part of a political solution to the Israeli conflict. Palestinian.

more complicated

Hurst commented on Ricketts’ statement that what this diplomat did not say is that as of Wednesday, the search for a political solution will be more complicated because of this ban.

He added that the same warning came loud and clear from other Palestinian factions, not least Fatah, which recognizes Israel, as came from representatives in Jordan.

He said this was something that neither Israel, nor Patel, nor the UK’s pro-Israel lobby seemed to understand.

The writer provided many details about the broad support of the Palestinians inside and outside Palestine for Hamas, as well as support across the Arab and Islamic countries and the world, adding that Hamas’ political influence extends far beyond Gaza and the West Bank. “Whether Patel and the Home Office like it or not, that is the reality,” he said.

Direct Negotiation Approach

He added that Patel did something that not even Blair did, despite his hatred of political Islam.

Hurst drew attention to the negotiations that Blair conducted with Khaled Meshaal, head of the Hamas political bureau in Doha in 2015, after which he said he regretted the UK and other Western countries excluding Hamas from the negotiating table and supporting Israel.

He added that the approach of direct negotiations is what resolves disputes, a method used by Blair and his predecessor John Major to reach peace in Northern Ireland.

He concluded by recalling that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, whom Patel admired, rejected the method of direct negotiations, as she said at the Commonwealth Summit in Vancouver, Canada in 1987, “I have fought terrorism all my life, I will have nothing to do with any organization that practices violence. I have not seen anyone from The African National Congress, the Palestine Liberation Organization, or the Irish Republican Army, and I will not do that.”

“Look what happened to the African National Congress in South Africa, or Sinn Fein, on both sides of the British-Irish border today,” Hurst commented.

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