Pedri and Barcelona .. How do you destroy a player in 71 games?

Barcelona fans received bad news about the health of the young player Pedri, as the latest reports confirmed that Pedri will not be able to play again with the Catalan club before the beginning of next year.

Pedri has been out of action since the end of last September due to a thigh injury, and after he was expected to return during this period, Spanish press reports confirmed that the 19-year-old had suffered a setback that would prevent him from returning to play matches before next January.

With Pedri’s injury renewed, voices were raised criticizing the way the player was dealt with during the last season, and the exploitation of his brilliance to involve him in a record number of matches.

Pedri finished a marathon season after participating in 52 games with Barcelona, ​​before joining the Spanish national team to participate in the European Championship (Euro 2020), and then moving to participate with the Olympic team in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which raised the number of his matches last season to 71 matches.

Pedri’s rate of participation was a match every 4 days, a record that prompted some to sound the alarm about its potential impact on the safety of the player, who was also required to move on long trips and deal with constant pressure in many matches.

After taking a short break after returning from Tokyo, the young player injured his thigh before returning to face Benfica in the Champions League last September.

Many criticisms were made of the way Pedri was dealt with, and former Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman received the lion’s share of those criticisms due to his involvement of the player returning from an injury in an important match that ended with the team losing three to Benfica and the player suffering a new injury.

Pedri participated in only 4 matches this season in all competitions, but that did not prevent him from winning the “Golden Boy” title last Monday, the award given to the best player in the world under the age of 21.

The new coach of Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernandez, will be required to deal with caution with the young player, not to rush his return and give him the opportunity to regain his fitness before pushing him into the team’s matches.

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