“The Psychiatrist Next Door” .. a series that tells a true story of a therapist who took advantage of his 29-year-old patient

Before completing 40 years, the American Martin Markowitz found himself responsible for the company of his parents, who had recently departed, and left him money and property estimated in the millions, but he could not manage it because of his weak personality; He became prey to exploitation by those around him, and when he resorted to a psychiatrist to help him, his doctor became the biggest exploiter of him, and he managed to deceive him for 29 years.

It’s an unimaginably strange story, but it does happen, and Apple TV+ is showing it in a new 8-episode series, The Shrink Next Door, about Martin (Will Ferrell). And his therapist Isaac Hershkoff (Paul Rudd), who broke all boundaries between doctor and patient, and instead of helping Martin to take control of things in his life, he took advantage of his weakness to control and exploit him.

If you want to watch the series without knowing anything about Martin’s story, you have to be careful what you read, as it may display some details of the artwork.

“I’ll take care of everything”

In 1981, Martin’s sister suggested that he go to a psychiatrist, and at first it seemed that Isaac was trying hard to help Martin, who was suffering from severe panic attacks, along with his grief over the separation of his parents, and other problems related to running his family’s company, and the failure of his social relationships, and in Still drowning in a sense of loss and social weakness, Isaac told him, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.”

Thanks to Isaac’s encouragement to Martin and teaching him phrases to respond to those around him, Martin began to feel that he had some control over his life, and that the treatment had a great impact, and began without feeling much reliance on his doctor as his savior, especially after Isaac told him “I will not allow any Someone take advantage of you, I’ll help you and everything will be fine”; He was so relieved that he did not yet know what awaited him.

Isaac did not know how rich Martin was at first, but once he did he quickly positioned himself in positions where he could make decisions that would have real effects on Martin and his family, and managed to distance him from his only sister, Phyllis, and push him away from forming romantic relationships.

It came to controlling his financial resources, moving to live in his summer house in the American town of Hampton, and pretending to own it, so he became “careful about everything” as he promised, but by using him incredibly, he does not respect being a therapist, not even as a human being.

In addition to using Martin to achieve his future dreams, the series shows how the therapist used his patient’s money to repair the fracture he felt as a child as well. Through this money, he tries to form relationships with wealthy people, especially celebrities, and shows his strong fondness for them and collecting his pictures with them.

29 years of exploitation

Martin and Isaac’s relationship lasted 29 years, and Martin himself tells the details of what he lived through in a 12-episode podcast produced by the “Wondery” audio platform and “Bloomberg” in 2019, and presented by journalist Joe Nocera, who personally witnessed part of what Isaac did When he lived next to him in the Hampton.

In an interview with the Forward newspaper, Martin said, “Isaac wouldn’t let me have a girlfriend, and when I went on a date he would claim that the girls wanted my money, and he would warn me, ‘Everyone’s trying to take advantage of you, and I’ll protect you’.”

He added that over the years, Isaac became his only friend, until 2010 when Martin underwent surgery, and he noticed that Isaac did not ask about him at all, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and made Martin recalculate, and he said, “All the frustrations and disappointments I felt And anger came out of me at that time.”

Martin not only lost his years of life because of this harm, but also found it very difficult to rebuild his life in the years following the end of their relationship, but the end holds many surprises.

You might ask, “Why did Martin allow all this to happen?!” Which is exactly what Nocera asked him about, to Martin’s answer “I felt I had no other choice”, and he attributed this to the fact that he was mentally frail, and mentally so weak that he could not resist Isaac’s control over him.

But Martin was not Isaac’s only victim, as other former patients told Nocera that the healer Isaac had similarly taken over their lives, and persuaded them to rewrite their wills in his favour.

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