Usercentrics partners with personalization specialists

“As more countries pass their data protection laws and regulations, the need for a professional consent management tool will increase worldwide. In addition, competent advice from experts is becoming more and more important, as every company or region has its own requirements for consent management. We are pleased to have gained a partner in Dynamic Yield who, like us, is convinced of the importance of data protection, ”said Hanna Waldenmaier, VP Global Partnerships at Usercentrics, on the partnership.

Usercentrics, founded in Munich in 2018, and its CMP support website operators in obtaining and processing user consents in accordance with data protection regulations. The software solution enables shops, brands or publishers, for example, to use their users’ data in a targeted manner in order to optimize services and products. As part of the technology partnership, Usercentrics is the first consent management platform to become part of the Dynamic Yield partner ecosystem, making it the preferred technology for joint integration. After implementation, brands / companies can use the Usercentrics CMP to obtain consent. Only with the given consent (and only then) Dynamic Yield automatically activates the personalization based on what is known about the user. The partnership thus bundles the specialist knowledge of both providers and is intended to provide information for personalization in compliance with data protection regulations.

“At Dynamic Yield we adhere to the highest data protection standards, which we call responsible personalization,” says Sonya Kapoor-Henne, Channel and Alliances Director at Dynamic Yield. “Working with Usercentrics to provide a professional consent management solution was the natural next step for us. We know it will make the enterprise compliance process, personalization and data protection a lot easier. “

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