European astronaut is expected to land on the moon by 2030

Robert Klatt

The European Space Agency (ESA) wants to bring an astronaut to the moon by 2030 at the latest.

Paris, France). Between 1969 and 1972, twelve NASA astronauts landed on the moon. The USA is the only nation that has so far brought people to the earth’s satellite. According to a communication from the European Space Agency (ESA), this should change by 2030. “The goal is to see an astronaut on the lunar surface before the end of the decade. I am confident that we will achieve that, ”said Josef Aschbacher, the head of ESA recently in Paris.

However, details of the upcoming lunar mission have not yet been settled. According to Aschbacher, ESA is currently at a central point of negotiation with NASA. In the coming years, this would also like to transport astronauts to the moon for the first time in around 50 years.

Artemis mission with the help of ESA

The Artemis mission already planned by NASA is strongly supported by ESA. The aid from Europe is so strong that NASA could not reach Earth’s satellite without ESA. “That is definitely our common way to the moon,” explains Aschbacher.

Later, the two space agencies want to jointly build a space station in the orbit of the moon, from which moon landings are possible. The “Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway” is also intended to serve as a starting point for a manned mission to Mars and as a control station for robots on the surface of the moon.

Three Europeans on the moon

The German astronaut Alexander Gerst is certain that at least three Europeans will reach the moon by 2030. “We deliver the service module for the“ Orion ”lunar module. Without this part, none of the moon missions could start, ”Gerst explains to SPIEGEL. According to him, the Artemis mission can therefore not be described as an American program, but as an American-European program. A possible candidate for the moon landing is the British Tim Peake, who has already spent six months on the International Space Station (ISS).

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