He died before he achieved his dream.. “Hasayef”, the Qatari traveler with the largest personal effort in advertising for the World Cup

“Defeat is only for the brave, cowards never fight battles.” Two phrases associated in the minds of Qatari society with the traveler Ali Muhammad Al-Marri, one of the most prominent travelers in the Gulf region, who immortalized his name on an adventure in which he roams 3 continents aboard his classic car.

Al-Marri, famous for the traveler “Hasayef”, who passed away a few days ago, was able to achieve a prominent position and great fame in the Qatari society through his activity on social media and his adventures to promote the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to the point that his fans called him the symbolic traveler, as he was cheerful and cheerful. He loves the good of all and takes the initiative to serve people as if he were serving himself.

Like many children around the world, “Hasayef” loved football in his childhood, and dreamed of becoming a famous player, to begin early his passion for the round witch, which he did not separate from throughout his career, which did not exceed 44 years.


Football did not prevent the Qatari nomad from continuing his educational career, which he successfully completed, as he studied in the Sultanate of Oman and graduated from the Naval Academy, to compensate for his inability to become a professional footballer and become a famous player.

After his graduation, “Hasayev” joined the Ministry of Transportation, but his passion for football and sports continued, and was embodied in many situations, most notably when he toured the Doha Corniche with his car raising the flag of Qatar to celebrate his country’s victory in the honor of organizing the 2022 World Cup.

His sense of humor and his love of laughter made him a leading personality among his friends, as he was the cornerstone on which he builds travel and travel, as there is no camping without him, or taking a vacation in his absence, or taking tourism trips if he is not present.

“Hasayef” association with football was intense. Since his childhood, he loved Al Rayyan locally, and Real Madrid, Spain internationally, as he was keen to attend all Al Rayyan matches from the stands until a few days before his death, and at the same time he did not miss a match for Real, and he also traveled more than Once to attend the Real Madrid and Barcelona derby at the Santiago Bernabeu, and recently he has encouraged Paris Saint-Germain as well.

Hassif during his support for Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu (communication sites)

Arabs and the World Cup

The Qatari traveler’s plans to support his country’s national team during the Arab World Cup Qatar 2021, which will start in a few days, were not successful. After he bought tickets for matches with his friends to decorate the stands with Qatar flags and with new and innovative ways of encouraging, the dream suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

In addition to his passion for football, the Qatari traveler was the father of 3 boys and 3 girls, and was passionate about adventure and driving classic cars, which was evident in his promotional campaigns for the Qatar World Cup, which he dreamed of attending, and moving between stadiums in his car to watch more than one match a day.

The World Cup in Qatar was the dream that “Hasayev” died before achieving, as the Qatari traveler began the dream in late 2019 with his adventure, in which he planned to roam 3 continents in his car to promote his country’s hosting of the World Cup finals for the first time in the Middle East.

For continuous months, he undertook this adventure, which took off from the Sultanate of Oman and from there to Iran, then Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, to Turkey, from which he set off via Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania and Russia, then traveled to Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Norway. His adventure is also Belgium, France, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Britain, Spain and Portugal as his last stop.

The dream did not end, as Hassif was scheduled to complete the adventure in the continent of Africa, during which he will tour the African countries from the north of the continent through Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania, then he will visit Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Angola and Namibia, all the way to the station. The closing ceremony in South Africa, before he returned to his country, but the spread of the “Covid-19” epidemic made him postpone this stage until the world recovered, but it was he who did not recover and was absent from the disease.

classic car

The Qatari traveler’s plans to promote the World Cup also included a trip during which he toured the American and southern continents, where he was a Yemeni to immortalize his classic car after these promotional trips as a historical landmark during the 2022 World Cup, as it roamed the continents of the world to introduce the State of Qatar.

“Hasayef”‘s connection to his classic car was intense, and it was the source of his strength, inspiration and the secret of his adventurous spirit, which was evident in the phrases and slogans he used to write on it during his adventures, most notably “Defeat is for the brave only, cowards do not fight battles at all, and you in your spirit? With me is God Almighty. “.

suffering from disease

Despite his long journey with illness, as he was born with a congenital heart defect, no one felt it, as his sense of humor accompanies him in his dealings with everyone, and the cheerful face covers his feelings and feelings in all situations of his daily life.

Diabetes afflicted the Qatari traveler for a long period of his life, and was one of the causes of his death after he suffered from a high level in recent days, along with acute lung inflammation, as well as a weak heartbeat.

The sudden death of “Hasayef” shocked a large segment of his fans and fans on social media, as the news topped the list of the most circulated on Twitter, and a number of the pioneers of this site expressed their great sadness and shock at his death, calling for him to be compassionate and forgiven.

Fans of the Qatari traveler demanded to honor him by fulfilling his dream of immortalizing his car as a historical landmark during the World Cup that will be held in Qatar in December 2022, due to his efforts in promoting his country and the championship.

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