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It’s finally here, Black Friday. Today, the day after Thanksgiving, the US traditionally goes shopping. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there will be no discounts in many places this year. If you want to buy a new I-Pad, you have to spend a lot more money than you did last year. Electronics bargains are in short supply. It is interesting that Black Friday has reached even the most conservative shopping circles. That’s why Black Friday will also be a success, because everyone wants to believe that it’s worth it.

Edeka Südwest investies one million euros in Bringman
The Edeka universe is currently discussing cooperation with delivery services (the “Morning Briefing” reported), now the facts follow: Edeka Südwest has established itself according to a report on A ten percent stake in the Bringman delivery service for one million euros. More than 50 merchants connected to Edeka Südwest as well as some shops operated by Edeka itself have already worked with Bringman, according to LZ, the goods supplied come from their range. Bringman’s articles of association have been changed in such a way that cooperation with other dealers is no longer possible: the company’s purpose is now among other things the delivery of things from Edeka markets “. There is no official confirmation from Edeka Südwest.

Douglas and Gorillas are cooperating on a trial basis in Hamburg
From this Thursday until the end of the year, perfume specialist Douglas and delivery specialist Gorillas are testing a cooperation in Hamburg. As Douglas reports, is about 25 exclusive beauty and lifestyle products “, especially perfume, cosmetics, make-up as well as candles and home accessories. Fragrances from Mercedes-Benz and Annayake are represented. Douglas announces” various exclusive individual campaigns for customers: inside Gorillas ” at.


TRADE INTERNATIONALKlarna activates “Pay Now” in the USA
Klarna has announced that it will expand its range of payment services in the USA to include “Pay Now”. This enables consumers to pay immediately and in full at all online retailers where Klarna is available, regardless of whether they decide to pay immediately or later. In addition, the company will shortly to launch the Klarna card on the US market, which brings Klarna’s interest-free Pay-in-4 service into a physical card format.

Denmark: “Land” online shop wins EU innovation award
Mathilde Jakobsen, founder of the Danish food online shop Land (Slogan: “Fresh from the farm”), has won one of the three “EU prizes for innovation achievements by women 2021”. Land is a digital platform that the food supply chain is shortened and digitized and offers easy access to high-quality food “, praises the European Commission. The other two prizes went to Merel Boers (Nico-Lab, Netherlands, technology for emergency doctors) and Daphne Haim Langford (Tarsier Pharma, Israel, solutions against autoimmune diseases).

New alcohol rules bei Amazon UK
Amazon has issued new rules for selling alcohol through Amazon UK: As writes, a license to sell alcohol in Great Britain is required as soon as the products contain more than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. They have to be listed on Amazon in the category “Beer, Wine & Spirits”, the license is requested during the preparation of the offer. It must also be ensured and it must be possible to prove that the extradition takes place exclusively to persons of legal age.

Tailor-made clothing is growing significantly online
By the end of this year, the specialist for tailor-made clothing Hockerty & Sumissura (AFT Group) wants to achieve sales of 20 million US dollars, which means growth of a whopping 70 percent compared to the pre-Corona year 2019. Tailor-made suits and wedding outfits in particular are increasing significantly. Expanded last year Hockerty and Sumissura their product ranges also include bespoke jeans for men and handmade shoes for both.

Britain worries about the alcohol supply for Christmas
The British alcohol industry warns of delivery bottlenecks for the Christmas holidays, reports the Wirtschaftswoche. The government is now asked and has to remedy the situation, demands the Wine and spirits industry, led by 49 companies, including Moët Hennessy, Laurent-Perrier and Pernod Ricard. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps should take urgent action against the shortage of drivers and delivery problems.


Shopify sets trends for Black Friday
A study by Shopify confirms that people are particularly keen to shop on Black Friday. In many countries, customers are looking forward to this day. In Germany, the desire to shop has risen from 61 to 65 percent compared to the previous year. Already people have been looking for bargains since October, confess at least 25 percent of respondents in Germany. For 23 percent of Germans, Black Friday is not a single day, but rather marks a discount season. Most Germans also use Black Friday stationary.

Quick Commerce: The Consolidation of the Market Begins
The European market for fast food delivery services is currently changing rapidly. In Germany, too, new start-ups have sprung up like mushrooms all over the country. The announcement by the American supplier Doordash that it will take over the Finnish company Wolt marks the beginning of a consolidation. It’s time to take a closer look at the German quick commerce market, says etailment expert Dr. Matthias Schu.

A career that makes sense, regardless of the employer
Where you work used to be important … at Lufthansa, Siemens, Deutsche Bank. With the members of the Generation Z a study by Randstad in cooperation with MenteFactum shows that the company’s status has apparently lost its importance. Only 34 percent identify with their employer, 72 percent want meaning in their work, 66 percent are looking for social recognition.


About You takes second-hand goods from Black Friday
“Blackout am Black Friday” writes Online fashion retailer About You is taking its secondhand program offline on Black Friday, according to its website. The reason given is that Secondhand is a year-round non-profit business with no scope for special discounts, and that Black Friday is clearly focused on new goods. “Be on the one hand [Mode-Onliner] active on the second-hand market in order to present itself to customers and investors as sustainable “, comments the TW.” On the other hand, the commitment must not become so costly that your profitability suffers. ” Dealers on the platform to compensate for the loss of sales.

HSE and De Beers promise sustainable diamonds
The shopping channel HSE has added diamond jewelry to its range that has the “Code of Origin” seal of approval from De Beers, the world’s largest diamond supplier. “The unique code on every diamond promises that it is obtained sustainably and according to industry-leading ethical standards and has a positive impact on the people and places of its origin”, is what HSE says. We are talking about job security, health services, advancement of women and wildlife protection. According to De Beers, extraction takes place “naturally and without conflict” in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa or Canada. However, there is neither at HSE nor on the De Beers Code of Origin website Indications of an independent review or certification of the “Code of Origin”.

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