Surveys by Annalect and The Trade Desk confirm increased use of audio on demand

The adtech company The Trade Desk dealt with the streaming of audio content and surveyed 2,000 consumers aged 18 and over in Germany via the market research institute Appinio in November. It turns out that significantly more music is streamed compared to the previous year, preferably on the way to work. The survey also asked specifically about listening behavior in the car and shows that more than half (54 percent) of 18- to 24-year-old drivers use significantly more music streaming services in their cars than a year ago, and that they use traditional radio be preferred. In comparison, seven out of ten people over 65 do not use a streaming service while driving.

Annalect, from the Omnicom Media Group Germany, also asked over 3,000 consumers about podcast usage between July and August. The online access panel of the research institute Trend Research was used for the survey. This shows that 37 percent of the German population now use podcasts, compared to just 32 percent in the previous year. Awareness of the medium is 84 percent. There are large differences in use in the various age groups: While in the young target group of 16 to 29-year-olds the proportion of use remained relatively constant at 52 percent compared to the previous year’s survey, it is 38 percent in the over 30-year-olds In 2020 rose to currently 43 percent. That corresponds to a growth of 13 percent.

In general, podcasts are used across almost all age groups. 72 percent of users listen to podcasts at least once a week, with an average of 120 minutes and three different podcasts per week. For 46 percent, the most popular time of use is in the evening between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., the most popular device for use is a smartphone for 71 percent and 41 percent often use headphones. By far the most used providers in this country are Youtube (55 percent) and Spotify (49 percent). The ARD audio library also plays a major role in the 50+ age group. So podcast usage has long since become mainstream.

Another focus of the Annalect survey was on advertising in podcasts. 67 percent of those aged between 16 and 49 stated that they had seen advertising in podcasts – in the previous year it was only 59 percent. The significant increase is partly due to the fact that the marketing has advanced further and therefore more and more advertising can be heard in podcasts.

“Podcasts are becoming more of a mainstream medium. As the study shows, 23 percent of users intend to spend more time listening to podcasts in the future. Only three percent want to invest less time in the medium and 68 percent say they spend about the same amount of time on podcasts. A good time for advertisers to get started with podcast advertising and to reach people in a relaxed as well as focused usage situation ”, commented Daniela Warnken, Research Consultant at Annalect, on the results of the survey.


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