Corona killer? Red algae nasal spray catches 80 percent of all viruses on the mucous membrane

Red algae are survivors, they can withstand high pressure, hard currents and low temperatures in water up to 60 meters deep. To do this, they surround themselves with a shell made of flexible biomolecules that absorb a large part of the loads. The active ingredient carrageenan obtained from algae has long since found its way into our medical and cosmetics industry. He’s probably also a corona killer.

Red algae have secret powers

Active ingredient in red algae envelops viruses and makes them harmless

In the Nordic countries, people discovered iota-carrageenan as a cold remedy a few centuries ago. But it was not until 2006 that the first scientific publication that pointed in this direction appeared. Since then there has been a real boom in carrageenan in various branches of the economy, including the food industry. The active ingredient in red algae envelops viruses of all kinds, preventing them from penetrating cells. In an Argentine study, researchers found an 80 percent protective effect, studies at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg also confirm the result for the corona virus. Carrageenan takes on the alpha, beta, delta and gamma variants without exception – and will probably not be an exception with Omikron either.

“A real option in fighting the pandemic”

The virologist Ulrich Schubert describes the effect of the red algae substance in more detail: Carragelose is a polymer that enters into an electrostatic interaction with viruses, enclosing them and thus neutralizing them. That is why the nature of the pathogen does not matter, even if the virus mutates a thousand times more. Schubert says: “In view of the different variants that are currently spreading more and more rapidly, we consider the Carragelose to be a real option in the fight against the pandemic.”

The German Society for Hospital Hygiene already recommends using the spray three times a day on duty. Side effects are not known, even children from the first year of life can use the active ingredient to protect themselves. Carrageenan products are available in different versions, not only as a nasal spray, but also as an oral spray and in the form of lozenges. They not only wet the nasal mucosa, but also the throat region, so that most viruses do not stand a chance either in the mouth or in the nose.


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