Do you want to buy a new TV?.. These are the German experts’ tips for the best devices

The German Goods and Products Testing Authority indicated that buying a UHD TV does not necessarily mean that the user will get a high-quality picture for the money he pays, and the German authority came to this conclusion after it tested 96 models of UH TVs. D” with a screen ranging from 50 to 65 inches.

German experts recommended relying on screen technology instead of high definition when buying new TVs, and the technology of organic luminous diodes, or what is known as “OLED” (OLED), took the lead in the German authority’s test results with regard to image quality, and OLED TVs in particular excelled In displaying the dark bands of the image, the old backlit LCD technology could not compete in this regard.

The results of the German authority’s test were issued by the “LG” TV (OLED48C17LB) in the category of medium models from 48 to 50 inches, and in the next place came two “LCD” TVs from Samsung, namely: (GQ50QN90AAT) and (GQ50QN94AAT), The cheapest “LCD” model in this category received a “good” rating, which is the “LG” (50NAN0809PA).

In the category of large TVs from 55 to 58 inches, the “LG” model (OLED55G19LA) came in first place, followed by the “LG” model (OLED55C17LB), and for the cheapest model in this category, it received a “good” rating, it is the “LC” TV Di” Panasonic (TX-58JXW854).

The German authority confirmed that the best 65-inch large TV is the LG OLED65G19LA model, followed by the LG OLED65B19LA model, then the Samsung LCD TV (GQ65QN95AAT), and the Panasonic (TX-) model. 65JXW854) as the cheapest “good” model in the 65″ TV category.

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