It aims to support dialogue between different cultures.. the conclusion of the activities of the Qatar America 2021 Year of Culture

The activities of the Qatar-America Year of Culture 2021 concluded in Doha after a full year of diverse activities organized between the two sides with the aim of enhancing cultural and artistic exchange, and confirming the renewed commitment between the two countries to deepen mutual understanding and support dialogue between different cultures.

The cultural year program included a wide mix of exhibitions, festivals, bilateral art exchanges, and events in Qatar and the United States. In the United States, the program also included “Jedary Art”, an initiative based on mural installations by Qatari artists in a number of American cities.

Qatar Museums established the Cultural Years Program in 2012 to highlight and strengthen relations between Qatar and a new partner country each year, so a country is chosen each year, the last of which was in 2021 by choosing the Year of Culture with the United States.

Legacy will continue

Qatar Museums CEO Ahmed Musa al-Namlah said that despite the conclusion of the official program of the Qatar-America Year of Culture 2021, the legacy of this initiative will continue for many years, noting that the impact of the cultural year extends to strengthening the bonds of relations between Qatar and the United States and confirming mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Chargé d’Affairs to the U.S. Embassy in Doha, Natalie Baker, said, “We are grateful to celebrate the 2021 Qatar-America Year of Culture with our Qatari partners and friends, and your dedication to strengthening our diplomatic relations is reflected in the time, energy, and effort you provide every day.”

For her part, Aisha Al-Attiyah, Director of Cultural Diplomacy at Qatar Museums, said, “This year, which included a huge amount of programs, allowed community members from both countries to immerse themselves in the cultures of the two countries through rich events and activities.”

The cultural year program began with the “Qatar-Japan 2012” cultural year, followed by “Qatar-United Kingdom 2013”, “Qatar-Brazil 2014”, “Qatar-Turkey 2015”, “Qatar-China 2016” and “Qatar- Germany 2017, Qatar-Russia 2018, Qatar-India 2019 and Qatar-France 2020, all the way to Qatar-America 2021.

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