It constitutes a security alert.. British police stop a man on suspicion of surreptitiously entering Parliament

British police announced on Wednesday that they had arrested a man on suspicion of surreptitiously entering Parliament in Westminster, London, in a security alert that comes in the wake of two attacks in the United Kingdom in the past two months.

“A man was arrested and placed under arrest at Carriage Gate, one of the headquarters’ gates, on suspicion of surreptitiously entering a protected location,” the police said in a statement, stressing that the incident was not of a “terrorist” nature.

The incident comes after two attacks classified as “terrorist” by the police: a taxi explosion in mid-November in Liverpool, in which the attacker was killed, and the stabbing of MP David Amis in October while meeting with his voters.

The authorities raised the level of the terrorist threat to “severe” after the Liverpool attack, knowing that this degree is the fourth on an ascending scale of 5 degrees.

And the incident of sneaking into Parliament on Wednesday was recorded in the same place where in 2017, a policeman was stabbed to death by a 52-year-old British convert to Islam and known to the security services, after he plowed his car into pedestrians at Westminster Bridge.

On that day, 5 people were killed in the attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State.

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