This is how it works: Split the screen on the iPad into two windows

iPadOS offers several options for displaying the content of apps: Full screen mode, in which an app fills the entire screen. or Split View, here the screen is divided into two sections to show two app windows. This can either be two windows of the same app, provided that it supports it, or one window each from two different apps.

As Slide Over. Here, a narrow window of one app is displayed above the full-screen window of another app. You can also open several slide-over windows at the same time, but only the content of one app is displayed at a time, the other windows are stacked behind them. The slide-over window can also belong to the same app as the full-screen window in the background. In both Split View and Slide Over, content can be dragged from one window to the other, such as images from the Photos app into an email or text from a website into a note.

In iPadOS 15, it has become easier to activate the various display options for the windows. The apps that support multitasking also have a symbol with three dots at the top of the window. You tap on this, whereupon three more symbols appear. The left one is responsible for the full screen mode, the middle one for Split View and the right one for Slide Over. If you tap on Split View or Slide Over, the current window disappears and the home screen and dock can be seen.

Now you tap on the app that you want to display in the other window. If another window of the same app is to be opened, tap its icon. If the app that you tapped was already open, the window that is currently open is shown. There is also the symbol with the three dots at the top in the Split View windows and in every slide-over window. This makes it possible to switch between the two display types or to switch the app back to full screen mode.