Tunisia.. The Labor Union calls for setting a time limit for exceptional measures and organizing a national dialogue

The Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, Noureddine Taboubi, called today, Wednesday, for setting a time limit for the exceptional measures announced by President Kais Saied more than 4 months ago, and for presenting a clear vision of political choices.

Tunisian media quoted Al-Taboubi as saying, in a symposium on the reform of public institutions, that Saeed had confined himself and declared his control over the joints of the state, as he put it.

He pointed out that the current path is shrouded in ambiguity, and that Tunisia does not belong to anyone, criticizing what he described as fake slogans and championships at a time when the country’s situation is getting worse.

He added that the only solution to get out of the crisis is serious and responsible dialogue.

National dialogue

The Secretary-General of the largest trade union in Tunisia called for the organization of a national dialogue in which organizations and parties participate, and said that “parties are the ones that adopt political life and can only be excluded or elected through the fund.”

And last Saturday, the Secretary-General of the Labor Union announced that it rejects absolute support for the actions of President Kais Saied, despite the fact that the union has repeatedly confirmed that it supports these measures, which it believes will open a door to correcting the mistakes recorded in the past ten years.

On July 25, the Tunisian president announced exceptional measures according to what he said was the activation of Article 80 of the constitution, which included in particular the suspension of Parliament and the dissolution of the government, before issuing on September 22 Decree 117, which allowed him to acquire all powers, which is what Several political forces saw it as a coup against the constitution and a blow to the democratic path.

The positions of Tunisian parties calling for the restoration of the democratic path are frequent.

A few days ago, the suspended Tunisian Parliament Speaker, Rached Ghannouchi, announced that Parliament will return to “I love those who love and hate those who hate”, without explaining how this will be.

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