ACP, Cancom. Computacenter and Logicalis report: System houses benefit from the UCC boom

Right at the beginning of the corona pandemic in March 2020, the run on video conference and UCC systems began. At first Zoom was able to win over many users, Microsoft soon caught up with Teams. In addition, the multimedia-capable communication solutions Ringcentral, Webex, LogMeIn and Co. were added. And many system houses profited from this boom.

What was installed quickly and without much thought needed to be adapted to company-specific requirements. And here too, many system integrators came into play again. For example, Oliver Schmidhuber reports from ACPthat due to the massive relocation of the customers’ employees to the home office, the requirements for their IT landscapes had to be redefined: “The ‘Terminal Server Desktop’ suddenly became the central unit for voice and video, and the biggest challenges are often those poor network performance and lack of computing power, “says the Cloud Solutions Architect.