DECATHLON uses powerful API campaigns for an immersive online experience

DECATHLON, one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers in the world, currently has 1,700 stores in 61 countries. Sport should be accessible to everyone, which is why the focus is primarily on optimizing the experience in order to meet customer requirements and support the growth of the company base.

The team in Germany in particular achieved great success with a tailor-made approach. For years the online experience was provided internally, but increasing customer demands required a better solution. The goal was seamless digital experiences on all devices as well as an agile and flexibly testable solution. DECATHLON decided to work with Dynamic Yield as their personalization partner.

Modern solutions for modern challenges

Personalization is standard these days, but there is still room for improvement when it comes to the speed and accuracy of customization. Extensive and efficient personalization – nothing less than that!

The focus for the team was on the revision of client-side tests. Dynamic Yield provided DECATHLON with a hybrid approach. Pre-calculated server-side testing and personalization changes have been combined with traditional client-side testing. Decathlon offers items for more than 100 sports, from yoga to kayaking. The key is to find items as quickly as possible – flexibility is an absolute must.

An emotional online experience

DECATHLON has more than 140 million customers worldwide. In order to satisfy this, DECATHLON Germany wanted to bring the homepage to life with better navigation so that articles can be found more quickly.

For this purpose, DECATHLON entered into a partnership with Dynamic Yield and then began to test the old homepage against a new one with a fresher look and new content.

The homepage tests were carried out on the server side in order to obtain the necessary flexibility for the execution of split tests and to enable the provision of tailor-made experiences by Dynamic Yield. The team was able to provide more than 40 different experiences on the new homepage, which were further optimized and personalized after the first positive results.

Before the launch, the team consulted old tests to determine the homepage strategy. It created a navigation based on specific product pages to put filters in the foreground. The client-side integration resulted in more clicks and conversions. Due to the success of this campaign, the team created a similar experience for the homepage.

The personalization of the homepage for different athletes: inside, preferences and demographics resulted in a compelling user experience. DECATHLON also analyzed the positive impact of this approach on customers interested in running, fitness and Pilates. The team used these results to build on existing test ideas and optimize campaign performance in real time to consistently achieve better results.

Circle menu by area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest on product pages. (Image: Dynamic Yield)

Focus on flexibility of implementation

It was clear from the start that speed, reliability, and security were paramount in personalization. The hybrid approach of Dynamic Yield is the basis for the provision of server- and client-side web and mobile campaigns, but also for:

  • data backup with powerful API,
  • the fast and flexible testing and starting of campaigns with server-side code and
  • the minimization of script effects through asynchronous loading.

The team regularly evaluates active personalization campaigns for optimization or the development of a test pipeline. Using the hybrid approach, tests can first be made available on the client side in order to shorten the implementation time, reserve developer resources and obtain an initial proof of the success of an idea. If the result is positive, the campaign is provided on the server with the aim of optimal page performance and satisfied customers. Thanks to this reliable process, the DECATHLON team can now expand its test phase and focus on personalization in digital operations.

The new DECATHLON homepage with tailor-made content for different sports, customers, activities and locations. (Image: Dynamic Yield)

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