Katara Traditional Dhow Festival..a heritage painting that narrates the life of the fathers and the history of the grandparents

The festival aims to introduce all the details of the marine life heritage of the authentic past, with all the rich repertoire embodied in this heritage.

Doha- As soon as you set foot in the sands of Katara Beach, you feel that you have moved to another world and you go back in time dozens of years, to see the people of ancient Qatar preparing to run their ships in search of pearls or fishing, but the truth is that this atmosphere is part of the activities of the traditional bearing festival, which Organized by the Cultural Village Public Authority “Katara”.

The traditional bearing festival, which will be held on Katara Beach from November 30 to December 18, 2021, this year coincides with the start of the Arab Football Cup, and will witness the participation of 9 countries besides Qatar: Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Greece, India, Zanzibar, and Turkey.

The “11” edition of the festival is characterized by a variety of cultural activities and events that represent a lively heritage panel that presents the heritage of fathers and grandfathers and sheds light on the details of their lives, with the aim of reviving and preserving the cultural stock and popular heritage.

These events also include exhibitions of maritime heritage holdings of the participating countries, special pavilions for traditional handicrafts, shipbuilding and ancient maritime artifacts workshops, in addition to heritage maritime competitions.

The arts were also strongly present at the festival, starting with the popular bands that presented their artistic performances roaming throughout the festival, in addition to the presence of a number of plastic artists who paint on murals scenes inspired by the festival environment.

The festival’s activities include exhibitions of marine heritage holdings of the participating countries (Al-Jazeera)

special flavor

The launch of the Katara Festival for Traditional Bearings witnessed a distinguished audience of different age groups and nationalities.

The Director-General of the Cultural Village Foundation, Dr. Khaled Al-Sulaiti, says that the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival has turned into a cultural act that has transcended its local dimension, to achieve its goals at the regional and global levels as well, because of its activities and various activities that combine our authentic maritime heritage with various fields of arts, in addition to reviving sports. A traditional marine through various competitions that were inspired by the heritage of our ancestors, and their dealings with the sea in order to seek livelihood for many decades.

Al-Sulaiti added – in a statement about the opening of the festival – that this version of the festival has a special flavor, since it coincides with the country’s hosting of the Arab Cup 2021, which will enable the country’s guests, tourists and everyone on the land of Qatar to learn about the details of our Qatari and Gulf heritage and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

He also explained that the organization of the festival proves that the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” is strongly present in supporting the country’s great efforts in organizing major international events in the field of sports and others, and confirms that culture is the true reflection of the success of every project that believes in the human being and is based on building bridges of communication between different peoples. and cultures.

Popular groups presented their artistic performances touring throughout the festival (Qatari Press)

sea ​​people culture

For his part, Director of Cultural Affairs and Events at Katara Khaled Abdul Rahim Al-Sayed said that the traditional bearing festival is an annual event, but the most important feature of the current version of the festival is that it is held in conjunction with the Arab Cup and Qatar National Day celebrations, and therefore there will be a great opportunity For Qatar’s guests to participate and learn about the events hosted by the festival.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Sayed explained that the festival witnesses a wide range of diverse cultural and heritage events, in addition to activities related to marine arts, shipbuilding and everything related to the sea.

He points out that one of the main objectives of the festival is the keenness to link new generations to the Qatari heritage and the history of their ancestors, in addition to introducing the culture of the people of the sea in Qatar and the Gulf region in the past.

He points out that this year’s edition of the festival will extend to about 3 weeks, and will witness strong Gulf participation, along with some countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Iran and India, which contributes to building bridges of communication and rapprochement between civilizations and peoples.

Katara Beach is full of everything related to the ancient maritime heritage (the island)Katara Beach is full of everything related to the ancient maritime heritage (the island)


As for the Director of Operations of the Katara Festival for Traditional Bearings, Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari, he said that the festival aims primarily to introduce all the details of the marine life heritage of the authentic past, with all the rich stock embodied by this heritage.

Al-Kuwari added – in a statement to Al Jazeera Net – that holding the festival for the eleventh year in a row represents a continuation of the celebration of the ancestral maritime heritage, which in turn constitutes an integral part of the popular heritage of Qatar, and a cultural common among the Arab Gulf states.

He believes that this event conveys to the new generations how their ancestors lived in the past, in addition to their customs and traditions, as well as presenting them with pictures and vivid examples of the Qatari and Gulf maritime heritage, including works, crafts, arts and lifestyle.

The Katara Traditional Bearing Festival is held annually on Katara Beach. In its previous sessions, it achieved brilliance for its activities, heritage competitions and artistic and cultural events, highlighting the richness of marine heritage and showing the culture of the people of the sea in its true form and its realistic landmarks. The festival also established its position as a prominent destination for heritage, culture and tourism, enhancing His role in preserving the authentic marine heritage and preserving the customs and traditions of the fathers and grandfathers.

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