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Today we are reporting at this prominent place about Mister Spex, because we do not know how long the optician will still belong to our reporting area: 14 new stores were opened in Germany, Austria and Sweden in 2021 (yesterday number 48 in Ulm), in the medium term should be annually up to 50 more stores will follow, announces the company. In the medium term, too, the goal is 200 stores in Europe. We are excited to see when the onliner with shops will become a chain of stores with online. The company claims that omnichannel would be both.

Most shops will probably have 2G – HDE: “illegal”
Today, Thursday, the Prime Ministers will once again get together with Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz. To be expected According to including 2G restrictions for all shops except those for daily needs, in all federal states and regardless of incidences. Along with supply chain problems, “the perfect storm” is brewing for retail, comments One Expert opinion of the German trade association according to “2G restrictions for the retail trade would be unlawful under the current conditions”, since they encroach on the constitutionally protected rights of the retailers concerned.

Ebay classifieds warns of account takeovers
It is stand yesterday practically all overBut it is important enough to repeat it: At Ebay classifieds, the number of user inquiries related to account takeovers rose by 250 percent in one year. “In the past few months almost half of all inquiries to our customer service center were about account takeovers”, says the company. The number of user accounts blocked due to takeovers has increased by 200 percent within a year. Ebay classifieds therefore recommends not to use passwords multiple times and to make them as long and complicated as possible – actually a rush of advice.

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Find out from the Swiss luxury watch expert Bucherer how he is dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. Maria Pfeifer reports first hand how seamlessly linked and personalized shopping experiences can be realized after the purchase. In addition, flexible shipping options, as well as options such as Click & Collect, strengthen customer loyalty and ensure more sales in the company. All details in the webinar.

Reduction in shop rents for lockdown times needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis
During the lockdown caused by the pandemic, many traders had to close their stores. The rents, however, continued. On yesterday, December 1st, the Federal Court of Justice negotiated the question of rent payment obligations in the event of corona-related business closings. The verdict is expected for January 12, 2022 – attorney Diana Bock assesses the tendencies of yesterday’s hearing in an etailment interview. In short: There is no general answer, it depends on the individual case.

Zooplus is supposed to be removed from the stock exchange
The financial investors Hellman & Friedman and EQT, who have secured the majority in the animal supplies online company Zooplus after a bidding war, want to take the company off the stock exchange. As reported by the Reuters news agency, The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board recommend that those who still hold shares accept the offer. That is a good ten percent of the shareholders, they have until January 12th. The delisting is also expected for this point in time. is aiming for one million euros in sales
Ingo Morlock is currently in the RTL series “The Returns Professional“to see because his six-person company with the website specializes in the marketing and sale of e-commerce returns. He is currently generating around 300,000 euros (presumably per year), reports, half of it from Amazon returns, because a number of retailers give it as the return address. All products would be checked and partly repaired, he promises in the article. With the motto “Fast in, fast out”, he wants to achieve a turnover of one million euros in 2022.


TRADE INTERNATIONALEbay I: Fixed pop-up shops in the USA

What Mister Spex can do, Ebay can too: The platform is in US cities Detroit, Miami and Houston brick and mortar stores opened for the holiday season. The pop-up stores are called “Hard to Find Gift Shops”, writes, and specialize in topics: the one in Detroit on sneakers, the one in Houston on collectibles, the one in Miami on luxury. The whole thing is under also online. For example, “Jordan Dior x Jordan 1 High 2020 Size 8.5” sneakers for Christmas-ready US $ 10,800.

Today the internet ends! Or?
The American journalist Gael Fashingbauer Cooper discovered signs in her hometown of Seattlewho announce the end of the internet for December 2nd, 2021, so for today. “That would mean that a large number of people in Seattle would suddenly become unemployed, “she writes. A marketing stunt or simply a gag is suspected, since the American spelling of the date, 12 02 2021, is a palindrome, so from the beginning and show the same sequence of digits at the back. There is also a website for this: however only shows a graphic and a countdown. Maybe you’d better read four more messages faster.


Online trading is “at the end of the beginning” listened to retail expert Dough Stephens during the Fashion Talks in Antwerp and summarized him with the phrase that online retail is “at the end of the beginning”. Classic online platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba are growing, but are still losing shares in the online cake because there are so many newcomers – for example when selling on social media. That means that e-commerce can be found everywhere in the future. Retailers are well advised not only to offer products, but to equip them with a story. The purchase experience is almost more important than the purchase itself.

Read the new edition of Der Handel now as an e-paper
An end to the online boom is not in sight given the persistently high corona incidences. New ways of luring customers back into the shops are all the more important for the stationary trade of the future. In addition to innovative marketing ideas, the December issue of Der Handel is dedicated to the topic of employer branding, dealing with corona violations by customers or employees, and digital tools for a transparent supply chain. The current e-paper edition of Der Handel with all the contents of the printed issue can be downloaded here free of charge.

Bolt buys Tipser
Bolt, the US provider of checkout processes for online shops, has after own declarations took over the Swedish company Tipser. Tipser offers shop technology “on every digital surface”, i.e. on websites, marketplaces, social media platforms or in search engines. Bolt wants to use this technology as the basis for a product called “Remote Checkout”, which offers “an immediate in-app or on-site purchase transaction with one click”, i.e. checkout and payment at any point during an online visit.


Ebay II: Bamboo banned

Unapproved items will be removed from Ebay“: With a clear message to the dealers it forbids Ebay, in the market place Plastic food contact materials for sale that contain bamboo powder or other milled, loudly EU Regulation No. 10/2011 Contain unapproved herbal additives. Also the application of Bamboo products with plastic content using terms such as “Made of bamboo”, “natural”, “environmentally friendly”, “recyclable” “biodegradable” or “compostable” is no longer allowed. Ebay is implementing a corresponding sales ban by the EU and Great Britain on the platforms, and

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