Ronaldo and the high pressure .. Can the “Don” match the style of the new Manchester United coach Rangnick?


Michael Carrick, who is temporarily leading Manchester United training, said that his team’s striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, is capable of playing in any way, and that he expects to continue his brilliance and score more goals under the leadership of the club’s new interim coach, Ralf Rangnick.

Rangnick will actually lead the Manchester United technical staff after obtaining a work visa, and he prefers to play in a “high pressure” style when he loses control of the ball with the aim of gaining possession of the ball again as quickly as possible.

Carrick, who is expected to continue to lead the team when he faces Arsenal later on Thursday, said that Ronaldo, 36, has all the capabilities and skills that enable him to adapt to any style of play applied by Rangnick.

Regarding Ronaldo’s inability to play in a high-pressure style, Carrick said, “This may be a myth. He has played with more than one team for years and has succeeded in playing in many different ways.”

“He has continued to score goals with every team he has played for, and I am sure he will continue to score. I have no doubts about that,” Carrick added.

Ronaldo is Germany’s top scorer this season, with 10 goals he scored in 15 matches in all competitions.

The “Red Devils” team occupies the tenth place among the English Premier League teams with 18 points, after obtaining one point in the last 3 matches, while Arsenal occupies the fifth place with 23 points, after winning 4 of the last 5 matches.

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