The Omicron mutator and the increasing reassurances about its danger… How did the pioneers of communication platforms around the world interact with it?

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Because of the spread of news of injuries in many countries with the new Corona mutator “Omicron”, and its continued progress towards new countries, are reassuring statements from the World Health Organization?

And the eighth bulletin, “Your Post” (2021/12/2) continued the interaction of tweeters on digital platforms with the assurances of the World Health Organization regarding the Omicron mutator, as the “Omicron” tag continues to top the list of Arab platforms, especially after the announcement of injuries in each of the Emirates. and Saudi Arabia.

Amid the state of anxiety in recent days, the World Health Organization issued statements that brought relief to many, as an official of the organization confirmed that most of the infections with the mutant are simple and there are no dangerous cases or deaths, and that all early indications confirm that there is no evidence so far of a decline in the effectiveness of vaccines due to Omicron. He stressed that it is necessary for people to continue to take preventive measures.

These assurances were met with calls on digital platforms not to exaggerate the news of the spread of the mutant, and to adhere to the pre-imposed measures.

For his part, microbiologist and immunologist Mahmoud Saad wrote in his tweet: “It seems that we will hear every day about the spread of the omicron mutant in new countries, the same usual method, the purpose is to frighten, the usual colds will be diagnosed (as) omicron for more fright, Fear weakens immunity very much, making any simple infection have a great and possibly dangerous effect… Do not be afraid, and deal with any symptoms as you used to in the past.

As for the activist, Iyad Al-Hamoud, he said: “The first time Corona spread from China, all countries settled (imposed) a stone, then (a stone and then) reduced the precautions, although it spread more, but they knew how to deal with it. This is the same thing, but without (without) a stone. Because the countries knew (knew) the scenario, everything takes (it must) time.”

In turn, the tweeter Ishaq Al-Hajri wrote: “The majority of approved and official news sites say this, but there are some countries that are moving with caution. This may be a natural reaction given what everyone has experienced from the first spread of the Corona virus. But the race of giant companies to produce a vaccine or a modified vaccine to combat the Corona virus. Omicron, this is a matter of consideration!!”

Activist Fawaz Al-Sultan said: “Of course, such reassurances will not be circulated in the media as well as the means of communication, because they do not serve the global general trend towards creating terror and panic among humans!!”

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