Tunisian parties refuse to involve the army in political conflicts, and the Labor Union says that the situation has turned upside down

Three Tunisian parties announced their complete rejection of the army’s involvement in political conflicts, while the Tunisian General Labor Union warned of the deterioration of the situation in a way that would lead to it getting out of control, a day after it called for setting a time limit for the exceptional measures announced by President Kais Saied more than 4 months ago.

In a joint statement issued today, Thursday, these parties, which are the Democratic Current, the Republican Party, and the Bloc for Labor and Freedoms, expressed their strong condemnation of the content of the speech that Saeed gave when supervising the meeting of the Supreme Council of Armies on Tuesday.

The three parties rejected what they described as involving the sensitive organs of the state in political disputes and deviating them from their republican creed, according to the statement.

It also denounced President Kais Saied’s insistence on adopting a speech based on what she described as dividing Tunisians and accusing his opponents.

Recently, the same parties issued statements criticizing the status quo.

On July 25, the Tunisian president announced exceptional measures according to what he said was the activation of Article 80 of the constitution, which included in particular the suspension of Parliament and the dissolution of the government, before issuing on September 22 Decree 117, which allowed him to acquire all powers, which is what Several political forces saw it as a coup against the constitution and a blow to the democratic path.

Al-Taboubi said that the Prime Minister is just a mediator between the various parties and the Presidency of the Republic (Reuters)

Upside down

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Union of Labor (the largest trade union in Tunisia), Noureddine Tabboubi, said that the situation in the country had turned upside down, and that there was an opportunity to build, but it was lost every time, as he put it.

During his participation in a symposium organized by the Campaign to Advocate for People with Disabilities, Taboubi stressed that the situation in Tunisia requires a lot of humility and rationality so that things do not go awry and reach what he described as a stage of regret.

He explained that there is no communication between the government and the union regarding the preparation of the expected economic recovery plan.

Al-Taboubi considered that the current Prime Minister, Najla Boden, has no authority, and that she is just a mediator between the various parties and the Presidency of the Republic, because she is governed by Presidential Order No. 117, which made the executive authority in the hands of the President of the Republic only, as he put it.

He was referring to the decree issued by President Kais Saied on September 22 last, which allowed him to acquire all executive and legislative powers.

Yesterday, Al-Taboubi called for setting a time limit for exceptional measures, and announced the union’s opposition to the so-called council system, which Saeed is accused of seeking to establish instead of the current political system, calling for a national dialogue in which national parties and organizations participate.

In the past days, the Labor Union’s criticism of the status quo has been frequent, at a time when some political forces – including the Ennahda movement – (53 seats out of 217 seats in Parliament suspended) are calling for early elections to get out of the political crisis that Tunisia has faced for months.

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