US House of Representatives approves temporary budget, Republicans threaten government shutdown

The US House of Representatives on Thursday adopted a temporary budget, in an attempt to avoid paralysis of the federal services by the end of the week, but this move needs approval from the Senate, as many Republicans are waving “close” in protest against the administration of President Joe Biden’s imposition of a mandatory Corona virus vaccine on some groups. .

According to US media, lawmakers have only a day and a half to agree on a new budget to avoid running out of federal state resources, which will send hundreds of thousands of employees into technical unemployment.

Ministries, as well as national parks, some museums, and a large number of institutions will be affected.

Lawmakers had agreed on a text that would extend the government’s current budget until February 18, after long negotiations, but a group of Republican lawmakers, most of whom are very close to former President Donald Trump, are currently refusing to vote in favor of it, arguing that it would help fund the implementation of the mandatory vaccination that is being implemented. they oppose it.

Opposition centers on a decree signed by President Biden stipulating the need to vaccinate employees of companies with more than 100 employees, which they challenged in court.

Although a last-minute consensus on the interim budget is likely, the situation is so murky that many economists are beginning to estimate the cost of a possible shutdown, predicting it will be a few billion dollars a week.

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