Video – In an effort to break the ban on its stadiums, the Iraqi fans fill Al-Madina Stadium in the West Asian Championship final

The Iraqi youth football team hit 3 birds with one stone when it preserved the West Asian Federation Cup title and opened the city’s stadium in the capital, Baghdad, with the final match of the tournament, and supported the demands to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums submitted to the International and Asian Federations when the stadium’s stands were crowded with fans.

The Iraqi youth team defeated its Lebanese counterpart by penalty kicks after the match ended in a goalless draw between the two teams. Iraq won the second title in the tournament held in 3 cities, Erbil, Basra and Baghdad, to maintain the title it had previously won over the Palestinian territories.

The stadiums of the Sports City stadium were filled with fans, as the audience exceeded the capacity of the stadium, which can accommodate 32,000 spectators, after calls by the Iraqi Football Association and the sports press in the country to send a message to the International and Asian Federations to lift the ban on Iraqi stadiums.

Videos broadcast by Iraqis on social media platforms showed a great interaction by fans thirsty for international matches with all the details of the match, even though it is a match in which unknown young players participate.

“The most beautiful congratulations and blessings to our wonderful sports fans and to the stars of our youth team, the Lions of Al-Rafidain, who planted joy in the hearts of our people after winning the West Asian Youth Cup, following the victory over his Lebanese brother by penalty kicks,” Adnan Darjal, Minister of Youth and Sports, and President of the Football Association of Iraq said on his Twitter account. weighting.”

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