Watch .. Manchester City chooses the most beautiful goal in December, just two days after the beginning of the month

Manchester United chose the goal of Portuguese player Bernardo Silva, who scored yesterday, Wednesday, against its host Aston Villa, to be the most beautiful goal of the month of December, although only two days have passed since the beginning of the month.

Silva scored the goal in a distinctive way on the bird, after an organized attack by the City players, in which they moved the ball with a number of quick touches to reach a perfect cross to the Portuguese midfielder, who put it in the net of the Aston Villa goalkeeper.

And Manchester City published, through its official account on Twitter, today, Thursday, the video of the beautiful goal from its beginning, noting that this is the team’s goal for the month of December, β€œand it has been arranged.”

Tweeters agreed to choose the team as one of Manchester City’s most beautiful collective and organized goals from a counter-attack this year, while others praised Silva’s final touch, which was crowned with a historic goal.

And a tweeter said: “I have watched this goal about 30 times so far. What a player .. Bernardo,” while another commented on the goal since its inception, “measured from the point at which Joao Cancelo crossed the ball down to Riyad Mahrez, this is officially the best A goal at all.

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