5 mistakes you should avoid when using the microwave

The microwave has become an important part of our daily life like the rest of the home appliances, but using it incorrectly may spoil food and endanger us.

In a report published by the magazine “O Feminin” (feminineFrench writer, Maud Sbaihi, says that the microwave is a very practical device, as it allows heating food in a short time, and some devices also provide the option to defrost frozen foods.

But, according to the writer, you should avoid some mistakes when using the microwave, the most prominent of which are:

Microwave heating of food in plastic utensils may cause fire (communication sites)

Heating food in aluminum or plastic containers

Heating food in the microwave in aluminum and plastic containers can catch fire, so you also need to be careful when using plastic containers to heat food.

As for the types of plastic that are suitable for use in the microwave, food should not be heated in containers that have expired because they may change the taste.

A common mistake when using the microwave is not covering food before heating it (Getty Images)

Leave the food uncovered

One of the common mistakes when using the microwave is not to cover the food before heating it, as this may cause the meal to burn and damage the device, so be sure to purchase suitable covers for heating food in the microwave.

Put the plate in the middle of the plate

A common mistake is placing food in the middle of a microwave dial or turntable.

The food should be placed on the perimeter of the plate, so that all the food is heated to the same temperature, and no part of it remains cold.

It is best to clean the microwave after each use with natural materials (Getty Images)

Not cleaning the device regularly

Like all household appliances, the microwave must be cleaned, and it is preferable to do this after each use, or after a specific period if not used, to get rid of bacteria that may accumulate inside it.

And the way to clean it is very easy, as it is enough to rub the glass surface and sides with a sponge and an antiseptic spray, and it is best to use natural cleaning materials made at home.

Heating crispy foods

Some foods, such as French fries or pizza, lose their crunchy nature once they are heated in the microwave, so it is recommended to heat them in the oven.

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