A naive mistake and a rare case.. the story of the strangest goal in the English Premier League

Many football fans agree that the English Premier League is the best and most exciting league in the world, and Manchester United’s match against Arsenal on Thursday was no exception, and witnessed one of the strangest goals in the history of football.

Arsenal advanced in the match with a goal scored by young player Smith Rowe, with a shot from outside the penalty area that netted goalkeeper David de Gea.

The observers were surprised when the ball reached the net at a moment when the Spanish goalkeeper was lying on the ground with his back to the stadium, which raised expectations that the goal would be rejected due to the possibility of de Gea being injured in a joint ball at the beginning of the shot.

However, the replay footage showed that De Gea fell to the ground after an intervention from his colleague Fred, with no interference from the opposing team’s players, which prompted the referee to calculate the goal after using the video assistant referee (VAR) technology.

The shot angered many analysts, who blamed De Gea for the goal for his bad handling of the shot and for turning his back on the field, at a time when he was required to continue playing and focus on the ball, and then later demand a return to the error he suffered.

Fortunately for the Spanish goalkeeper and fellow defender Farid, the confrontation ended with the victory of the Red Devils 3-2, and Farid had a major role in this result by giving him a decisive pass in the first goal, and causing a penalty kick that Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal.

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