The famous Sudanese artist Abdel Karim El Kabli is in the protection of God

The famous Sudanese artist, Abdel Karim El Kabli, died at dawn today, Friday, at the age of 90, in the United States of America, and his son Saad wrote – in a tweet on Twitter – “With hearts that believe in God’s judgment and destiny, we convey to you the news of the death of father Abdel Karim El Kabli.”

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said – in a tweet on Twitter – I offer my condolences to the family of the late, the Sudanese nation, and every lover of art, beauty and life. He added, “The late is a symbol of Sudanese art and lavish beauty, and a huge literary monument whose name is carved in the conscience of our people with letters of light.”

And local media – including Al-Sudani newspaper and the “Baj News” website – reported that the great artist Abdel Karim Al-Kabli died after a long struggle with illness in the city of Michigan in the United States.

Al-Kabli is considered one of the most famous Sudanese artists, and his talents are numerous; He is a singer, poet, composer and researcher in the Sudanese musical heritage.

He was born in the city of Port Sudan (east) in 1932, where he studied his educational stages, and joined the position of administrative inspector in the judiciary in 1951.

His artistic appearance began in 1960 when he sang the song “Asia and Africa” ​​by the Sudanese poet Taj El-Sir El-Hassan, in the presence of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser during his visit to Khartoum at the time.

Among his most famous works are “Habiba Omari”, “Ya Dhanin al-Wa’ad”, “I Can’t Believe It” and “Your Love for People”.

She also sings a number of Arabic poems; Including “I see you as tear sticks” by the poet Abu Firas Al-Hamdani (932-968), “Shatha Al-Zahr” by the Egyptian poet Mahmoud Abbas Al-Akkad (1889-1964), and “Wasadah, O King of the Canary” by the Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawqi (1870-1932). And the musical “A Wandering Darwish” by Sudanese poet Muhammed Miftah Al-Fitouri (1936-2015).

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