The Washington Post: Donald Trump… the super publisher of the Corona virus

The Washington Post editorial criticized (Washington PostToday, Friday, what I described as President Donald Trump’s deliberate deception of the American people about the COVID-19 pandemic, the most serious public health disaster in a century; Because he knew early on that the coronavirus was highly transmissible.

But he hid it, falsely claimed that the number of cases resulted from more diagnostic tests, made a false assertion that doctors were inflating the number of deaths from the virus in order to “get more money”, and there were plenty of other deceptions.

And now it became clear to us that he was hiding another big and dangerous secret, which is that 3 days before a presidential debate he knew – but did not disclose – that his test came positive for the Corona virus. Nevertheless, he continued his electoral campaign and presidential schedule, endangering all who came into contact with him.

If Trump thought his COVID-19 test might, and should, be positive, he had a clear obligation to tell those around him, not to mention the American people who, as president, have a stake in their health.

The newspaper pointed out that this secret was disclosed in a new book to his chief of staff at the time, Mark Meadows – according to a summary of the book published by the British newspaper “The Guardian” – and many of his former aides, and the Washington Post reported that his test came positive before he left to attend his election campaign. in Pennsylvania on September 26, 2020, 6 days before he was admitted to Walter Reed National Hospital at the Military Medical Center. In his book, Meadows wrote, he “instructed everyone” in Trump’s immediate circle “to treat him as if he had tested positive.”

The newspaper commented that if Trump thought his Covid-19 test might and should have been positive, he had a clear obligation to tell those around him, not to mention the American people who have a stake in their health, as the country’s president.

She concluded that when Trump recovered from Covid-19, he was said to have wanted to get out of the hospital wearing his trademark Superman shirt, which suited him, but as the super-spreader of the virus.

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