4 teams qualify for the Arab World Cup quarter-finals, and 4 other places are waiting

4 teams have booked their positions in the Arab World Cup quarter-finals, which will continue in Qatar until the 18th of this month, and there are 4 positions remaining in the competition for 7 teams.

The qualified teams are: Qatar, hosts, for Group A, Morocco, for Group C, and Egypt and Algeria, for Group D.

“Al Annabi” qualified after achieving two consecutive victories over Bahrain and Oman, while the Moroccan team crushed the Palestinian and Jordan teams with the same result by 4-0.

The Egyptian team beat its Sudanese counterpart yesterday with a clean five, and beat Lebanon a few days ago, with a clean goal, while the Algerian team defeated its Lebanese counterpart with two goals without a response, and it had previously crushed the Sudan team – a few days ago – by a clean four.

The competition for the remaining positions entered the teams of Iraq, Oman and Bahrain in the first group, and Tunisia and Syria for the second group, while Mauritania exited the race for not achieving any point.

In the third group, the competition will be fierce between Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine to snatch the second qualification card from the group.

As for the fourth group, Lebanon and Sudan were eliminated from the competition and officially eliminated from the tournament before the final stage of the group stage.

It is noteworthy that the two teams that ranked first and second in the four groups qualify for the quarter-finals.

The tournament, which returns after a 9-year hiatus, will witness the participation of 16 Arab teams, and will be held for the first time under the umbrella of the International Football Association (FIFA).

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