He threatened to resign from his position… Will Hamdok pay the price for his agreement with Al-Burhan?

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The guests of the “Beyond the News” episode warned of the repercussions that the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok might cause – if it happened – on the Sudanese scene, and one of them referred to the issue of the constitutional and legal vacuum that may occur in the country.

Fayez Al-Silik, the former media advisor to the Sudanese Prime Minister, considered that if Hamdok resigns from his position, this will have repercussions on the Sudanese scene, and there will be a real constitutional crisis, not to mention that agreeing on a person to take the position will be very complicated.

He added – to an episode of “Beyond the News” program (2021/12/22) that Hamdok had a political incubator, the Forces of Freedom and Change, and had an extension in the street, but he lost his popular base and his political incubator when he signed an agreement with the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese army. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan on November 21 last.

He said that the Forces of Freedom and Change demand that Hamdok retract his agreement with Al-Burhan, and that the street is also still demonstrating against what he called the coup, and he said his speech last December 19 during the demonstrations that reached the Republican Palace.

And a source in the Council of Ministers revealed to Al-Jazeera that Abdullah Hamdouk informed a number of senior political leaders that he was determined to resign from his position, and the source explained – quoting Hamdok – that the reason was due to the division of political forces and their retraction from supporting the political agreement that Hamdok concluded with Al-Burhan, in addition to To the street’s rejection of that political settlement.

According to the Sudanese guest, the prime minister found himself trapped between the street and the forces of freedom and change, which it sees as not interested in the agreement he concluded with Al-Burhan, and stipulated the return of Hamdok to his position as prime minister, with full authority to choose members of his government. The agreement also stipulates that the government for the transitional period will be a government of competencies devoid of party affiliations.

For his part, a member of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, Muhammad Sadiq, said that Hamdok’s threat to resign is a natural product of what has happened since the October 25 coup, noting that those who planned and orchestrated the coup ignored that the constitutional document relies on two parties: the Forces of Freedom and Change, and the Military Council. .

While he spoke of a political blockage facing Sudan, Muhammad Sadiq indicated that the solution lies in one of two options: either the military component retracts its coup steps and implements the required obligations, or it remains in a totalitarian military rule, and said that the coming period needs a concession from the military component.

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As for Amin Ismail Majzoub, Deputy Director of the Center for National Studies, he saw that Hamdok’s threat to resign is an attempt from him to pressure all parties to support him, noting that the man suffers psychologically and politically, and he is between a rock and a hard place. The exterior is not complete.

According to Ismail Majzoub, there are options to confront the current crisis: call for early elections or return to the situation prior to last October 25, and this option will lead – according to the spokesman – to reproduce the crisis again.

The military expert called for the need to listen to the opinion of the street and sit with the resistance committees and revolutionaries to find out what they want. He also pointed out the importance of Prime Minister Hamdok remaining in his position and that the political forces support him in order to pass the transitional phase, stressing that the solution to the crisis must come from within, not from abroad.

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