Raed Salah: The occupation tried to affect my psyche through solitary confinement, but it failed

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The head of the Islamic movement inside the Palestinian territories, Sheikh Raed Salah, said that he was subjected to solitary confinement for 17 months in the prison of the Israeli occupation.

He added in his speech to an episode of “Without Borders” program (2021/12/22) that the occupation sought to destroy his psyche during the recent arrest by placing him in solitary confinement, and the aim behind this was to seek to destroy his psyche and push him to leave the defense of Islamic holy sites, or Get out of prison with a mental illness at least.

He added that the prison authorities and the Israeli judiciary rejected all the appeals he submitted in order to be in isolation with at least one person instead of staying in solitary confinement at all times without contact with anyone, stressing that he exceeded this isolation by organizing time and using it to preserve his health. Mental.

Raed Salah confirmed that he worked in his solitary confinement to develop his drawing skill, as he drew about 34 paintings during his isolation, in addition to writing an entire book during this period.

On the events that occurred during his arrest, the head of the Islamic movement inside the Palestinian territories expressed his happiness with what the Palestinian people and the resistance offered, teaching the occupation a lesson that they will not forget, and renewing a covenant from the Palestinian people that they will not abandon their cause and will not tolerate violating their sanctities.

Normalization to the demise

Regarding the normalization agreements and the signing of Abraham’s agreements, Sheikh Raed Salah believes that what happened collides with the convictions of Arab peoples away from the viewpoint of governments, which is not frightening because peoples reject normalization and will resist and fail it soon, and in Islamic history there are many experiences that have taken place and failed.

He added that there are efforts to beautify the normalization processes, and Arab series and films have been recruited to serve these efforts, but it is the conscious people who will win against the normalization of their governments, and whoever seeks to falsify people’s awareness of Al-Aqsa Mosque will fail, as it is mentioned in a verse in the Holy Quran and it is impossible to change.

Regarding the Joint List and the participation of Arab lists in the Israeli Knesset, the head of the Islamic movement in the Palestinian interior considered the matter a wrong judgment on the part of the Arab lists, because thanks to these lists, the most extreme right-wing government came to power in Israel, stressing that the participation of Arab lists in the Knesset will not render the cause any service. to remember.

He described what MK Mansour Abbas had done by recognizing the Jewishness of Israel by executing the right of return, which is the spirit of the state. It means that the Palestinians inside the occupied country are under threat and massacres may be committed against them and their arrest, hoping that the coming days will bring kindness to the Palestinian people.

Sheikh Raed Salah accused the Israeli security services of facilitating the arrival of uncontrolled weapons, which exacerbated the phenomenon of violence within the Arab communities in the occupied interior, revealing that he had formed peace committees to solve problems and establish peace and harmony among the Palestinians inside, stressing his return to activate these committees after his release from prison.

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