10 new inventions that make women feel more confident

It’s not easy to get over things like your period, the postpartum period, and feeding a baby without the right support.

So it’s a good thing that these new inventions seem to make women feel more confident when they’re in the sensitive phases of life, Brightside website (brightside) The American compiled in a report:

1. The Anu Clean Cup: The menstrual cup that sucks

Flexible, single-use cup that is worn internally to collect and absorb menstrual flow. It is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and safe material. It is good for all women with all kinds of lifestyles and even for female athletes. Ano does not cause dehydration or irritation and is not associated with toxic shock syndrome.

Flexible internally worn disposable cup to collect and absorb menstrual flow (Russian press)

2. ILO: Accurately tracks cycle and fertility

A simple device that measures the levels of carbon dioxide released in your breath to detect real-time peak and fertility data. It is a good helper for women who want to get pregnant. Just 60 seconds of breathing to know your fertile window.

Source: Russian Press Link: assistant device for women who want to get pregnant with just 60 seconds of breathing to know the fertile window (Russian press)

3. Period-proof tights for period wear

These socks are a good weapon against leaks. It has 3 layers of wicking and wicking cushioning. You can wear it with tampons, sanitary pads, or cups. The Cycling Socks are made partially from recycled materials to save our planet.

Source: Russian Press Link: socks partially made from recycled materials to save our planet (Russian press)

4. Flux Period-proof underwear

This is a patent pending underwear that has a unique built-in protective panel. They are ideal for different cycles and other issues, such as bladder leakage, postpartum and mobility issues. You can wear it every day. It is antimicrobial, odor and stain resistant.

5. The healthy hair brush

A hairbrush designed to glide responsively through your hair. It is made of a material that is soft to the touch so it will not snag or tear the hair shaft. Each bristle is able to move 360 ​​degrees so the brush gently releases knots and reduces breakage.

Source: Russian Press Link: hairbrush that glides on smoothly so as not to rip or tear the hair shaft (Russian Press)

6. The first robot manicure

On average, women spend 3,120 minutes per year on their nails. The manicure robot helps you complete the process in less than 10 minutes. Just a huge gift of time.

Source: Russian Press Link: manicure robot helps you complete the process in less than 10 minutes (Russian press)

7. Woric, the ergonomic seat

Yes, everyone can use it to make their seat more comfortable, but this pillow is perfect for yoga or while pregnant. It is also very healthy and antibacterial, and made with an oil that does not irritate the skin.

Source: Russian Press Link: pillow for yoga or during pregnancy, very hygienic and anti-bacterial (Russian press)

8. Sequel re-engineered tampons

Former mathematicians couldn’t find tampons they could rely on, so they made their own.

Thanks to their spiral design, these tampons are better absorbent. They are extremely soft and designed to prevent leaks and provide the ultimate in comfort during exercise during your period.

Source: Russian Press Link: tampons provide maximum comfort during exercise during your period (Russian press)

9. Double jug for mixing baby food

Milk and water are the first double vacuum flask. It has a separate powder compartment, which provides warm and fresh food on the go. No need to ask restaurants or cafes for warm water. It is also not necessary to mix bottles to feed your baby. This bottle has it all in one.

Source: Russian Press Link: women’s safety bracelet helps you notify your friends and family if you need help (Russian Press)

10. Safelet Women’s Safety Bracelet

It helps you to notify your friends and family if you need help. With just one click, they can see where you are and coordinate a response.

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