Corona .. 126 countries give booster doses and additional vaccines, and China closes a city due to the outbreak of the epidemic

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The World Health Organization’s expert committee on vaccination policy reported that at least 126 countries have given instructions that a booster dose or an additional vaccine (for children, for example) should be given, and 120 of these countries have started campaigns in this regard, while studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the third dose in the face of Risks of the new mutant omicron.

The committee added in a report issued on Wednesday that the majority of these countries are either rich or middle-income, while “no poor country has yet to adopt the booster dose program.”

In its conclusions, it stressed that “immunization efforts must continue to focus on reducing (the number) of deaths and the most severe cases and protecting the health system.”

However, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned against a common delusion that anti-Covid-19 boosters will be enough to beat the epidemic.

“No country, any country, can overcome the epidemic thanks to booster doses, and booster doses are not a green light to celebrate (the victory over the epidemic) as we previously expected,” Ghebreyesus said – during a press conference in Geneva.

He added, “Indiscriminate promotion programs may prolong the epidemic rather than put an end to it, by transferring available vaccines to countries with a high vaccination rate, which gives the virus the possibility of spreading and transforming in a larger form.”

He continued, “It is important to remember that the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are due to people who did not receive the vaccine and not to people who did not receive the booster dose, and we must be very clear that vaccines remain effective against the delta mutant as well as Omicron.”


Research conducted by Imperial College London reported that patients with the Omicron mutant of the Corona virus had a 40-45% lower risk of needing to stay in hospital than those with the Delta mutant.

The study analyzed data from cases confirmed by the “PCR” test (PCR) that they had the mutation in England between the first of December and 14 of the same month, and the researchers said about this study, “In general, we found evidence of a decrease in the risk of hospitalization due to Omicron compared to delta injuries as a mean for all cases in the study period.

Imperial College researchers say the likelihood of hospitalization for Omicron patients is between 20 and 25% lower than those with the delta mutant.

However, they add, the lower hospital admissions compared to the increased risk of omicron infection must be considered due to reduced protection provided by both vaccination and natural infection.

The British research follows a study in South Africa published on Wednesday that found that those diagnosed with the Omicron mutation were 80% less likely to be hospitalized between October 1 and November 30 than those diagnosed with another mutation in the UK. same period.

For its part, the pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca” confirmed today, Thursday, that a third dose of its vaccine against Covid-19 “significantly” increases the level of antibodies to the mutated Omicron, referring to a clinical study in this regard.

The company explained in a statement that “levels of antibodies that neutralize Omicron after a third dose of Vaxyphria serum” that it developed against Covid-19 “are largely similar to the levels reached after two doses against the delta mutant.”

Chinese city shutdown

The authorities in the city of Xi’an in China imposed a widespread curfew on its 13 million residents, after discovering dozens of infections with the Corona virus.

Under the curfew, residents are obligated to stay in their homes in most cases, with few exceptions allowed. And the city government announced in a decree that each family could appoint an individual who could shop every two days.

And the authorities recorded 63 local injuries today, Thursday. She stated that the Corona outbreak was caused by “imported cases.”

It has not been announced whether the cases of coronavirus are from the new mutant or micron or not.

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