Daughter of Kashmiri leader Shabbir Shah appeals to the international community to intervene to save his life

The daughter of a prominent Kashmiri political leader and head of the Democratic Freedom Party in Kashmir, Shabir Ahmad Shah, who is currently imprisoned in India, said that her father’s health has deteriorated in a way that he is unable to stand or walk, and that his health requires two urgent operations.

Sahar Shah, 19, explained – in An article by her on Milli Gazette. (Milli Gazette)- Her father’s health condition is very critical and any delay in surgeries recommended by doctors may endanger his life.

Shah said that her father was subjected to medical neglect by the prison authorities and that his family did not trust the medical treatment provided by the prison authorities, especially when the treatment required surgical procedures.

The daughter of the Kashmiri prisoner of conscience appealed to the international community organizations to work with the United Nations and the Indian government in order to release her father on bail on humanitarian grounds so that he can receive the treatment he needs outside the prison.

She said that Shabeer Ahmed Shah – who is nicknamed “Nelson Mandela Kashmir” – spent 34 years of his life in Indian prisons for nothing but his demand for the right of the people of Kashmir to self-determination, and he had never been convicted by any Indian court during his prison periods.

Shah, a university student who studies political science and campaigns for her father’s release and for civil and political rights for the people of Kashmir, believes that the only way to save him is to release him on bail, so that the family can independently arrange his medical treatment and the surgeries he needs.

Speaking about her mother’s last visit to her imprisoned father in India on October 29, Shah said, “We were horrified to see that he could not stand or walk independently. He had become so weak that his features looked like his childhood photos.” .

She added that she and her mother traveled 700 kilometers – the distance between Srinagar and Delhi – to visit her father in prison, and the visit time did not exceed 5 minutes. These minutes are all the time allowed by prison staff, “and we knew that doctors advised my father to perform two surgeries and a biopsy.”

Shah said that UN reports indicate that Indian prisons are hostile to Kashmiris, as they are seen as terrorists and traitors, and testimonies of former Kashmiri prisoners indicate that prison doctors deal with Kashmiri prisoners more aggressively than prison staff themselves, according to the article.

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