Deceptive symptoms and wrong diagnosis .. Why do doctors ignore the suffering of females with autism?

Until recently, autism was thought to affect mostly boys and men at a much higher rate than women, with many researchers pointing to genetic differences. However, indicate New directories The condition is significantly underestimated in females, with the most recent estimate placing the ratio at 3 to 1 (male:female).

As a result of these early misconceptions, studies often left out females to focus on males, leading to a gender bias in the research. Not only that, but doctors, teachers, and parents alike have essentially associated this condition with males; That’s why many women and girls have been overlooked or diagnosed late, while some girls have been misdiagnosed with autism completely.

Without a proper diagnosis, females can be at greater risk of developing mental health problems, such as depression, eating disorders and self-harm, which can ultimately have much greater effects.

Some doctors overlook the diagnosis of autism in girls because it is more common in boys, and because its symptoms may disappear in older girls with milder forms of autism, and girls have the ability to adapt to peers more than boys, an effort that contributes significantly to Absence of clear symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in females compared to males.

In contrast, early diagnosis of girls with autism helps to get the appropriate support for each case, so it is important to recognize the symptoms.

A disorder, not a disease

Autism is a developmental condition that can affect a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others, however, symptoms vary a lot between individuals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States estimates that about one in 59 children has a diagnosis of autism.

Some doctors overlook the diagnosis of autism in girls because it is more common in boys (Pixabe)

Classic symptoms of autism

The symptoms of autism tend to be the same in boys and girls, but people are more likely to ignore them in girls, especially since the first and main symptoms of autism include language delays, learning difficulties and difficulties socializing with peers of the same age or with strangers.

Because autism covers such a wide range of symptoms, the term “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD) is now more widely accepted.

Some examples of common symptoms include:

  • They do not respond to their name when they are 12 months old, and prefer not to be held or cuddled.
  • They do not follow instructions, and are not good at imitation and imitation.
  • They have difficulty in making eye contact, as the child suffers from the inability to look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor.
  • Not looking at something when someone else is pointing at it.
  • Loss of certain skills, such as not saying a word they could use before.
  • Difficulty explaining what they want or need.
  • Difficulty understanding what others are feeling.

Other key characteristics of autistic behavior are repetitive behaviors and some behaviors that are out of the ordinary.
Some common examples include:

  • Difficulty adjusting to changing routines.
  • Swinging and repetitive behaviors, such as running in a straight line and back more than once, may exceed 100 times if these repetitive behaviors are not restricted.
  • Spend a lot of time organizing things.
  • Repeating certain words, phrases, or sounds.
  • Having an unusual response to certain smells, tastes or sounds.
  • Movement problems, including poor balance and fine motor skills.

Most of these symptoms tend to appear in infancy or early childhood, although parents may not always recognize them at that time. Other symptoms may not become apparent until the child is older.

Pictures of autistic childrenIt is estimated that there are four times as many male children with autism as females (Shutterstock)

The deceptive symptoms of autism

Autism in girls looks different from stereotypes of autistic behavior, so some doctors may not diagnose it.

Repetitive behaviour, such as hand flapping, is one of the signs of autism that most clinicians recognize. But girls with autism may not have as many repetitive behaviors as boys, or they may be more calm about them.

Sometimes girls with autism are better at controlling their behavior in public; They may have learned early on to smile or make eye contact. They may also be more interested in making friends than boys with autism.

All of this could lead to a more subtle version of autism that the doctor may not recognize. Some girls with autism are diagnosed with ADHD, which can look superficially similar to autistic symptoms.

male autism

According to clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Susan F. Epstein, “It turns out that the model we have for a classic autism diagnosis is a male one. This does not mean that girls never fit in, but that girls tend to appear calmer, and do not exhibit as much repetitive behavior as they do. Males do it.

according to to study conducted in 2005 at Stanford University, girls with autism show behavior less frequently than boys. The study also found that brain differences between boys and girls with autism help explain this discrepancy.

add Will be destroyed -Child and adolescent psychiatrist – Girls are more likely to control their behavior in public, so teachers do not notice the differences, and therefore are excluded from the diagnosis of autism.

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