Denzel Washington.. the brown preacher that Hollywood couldn’t strip him of his principles

Denzel Washington overcame the barrier of race early on, clinging to a system of values ​​that Hollywood could not strip away.

“I don’t have much to offer as an actor except for the role of King Lear,” Denzel Washington said about his future projects after the movie “Tragedy Macbeth,” which will be shown on December 25, and as much as the statement caused uproar about the two-Oscar-winning actor, A special kind of appreciation that Denzel will receive, which is choosing the right time for decisions, no matter how difficult they are.

Denzel’s career, which is about to come to an end, was not just an attempt by a young man to impose his talent on American society affected by hateful racism that strikes in its depths, but rather an attempt to confirm the African-American presence, and his ability to stand up against all races, as he is the second African-American actor to win an Academy Award After Sidney Poitier, he is the first black actor to become a symbol of handsomeness in 30 years in a society that includes all races on the globe.

Denzel broke into the world of Hollywood on his own terms. The boy from a religion-based home did not give up that value. He donated more than two million dollars to build a church, and stated in one of the dialogues that he reads the Bible daily. The father was a preacher who ran two churches and worked as an employee of the Water Department in New York, and the mother owned a beauty salon, and he inherited from his father that ability to preach and instruct.

Denzel was famous for his pure laughter, and his perfect performance of his roles, whether in the cinema, theater or television shows, but his beginnings witnessed that there was a confused teenager who did not know what he wanted until he came across an acting show in which he participated in school, and then decided that he wanted to become the best actor in the world.

The actor, born in 1954 in New York, has made nearly 61 films as well as 11 television works and 9 plays, and won 2 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes for 9 nominations in each award.

Despite his strong presence in Hollywood, Denzel has no Hollywood friends, but his fluency in public speaking has nominated him on many occasions to launch motivational speeches that human development experts considered ideal to inspire hope and advance the personal will of those who want to succeed to the maximum extent possible.

In his social role, Denzel did not stop at rhetoric and donations, and issued a book entitled “A Hand to Guide Me” in which he calls for continuing to try to achieve the dream, no matter how much the person fails or encounters obstacles, because the honor of trying is better than giving up.

He started out on stage, then moved on to television dramas that propelled him to the cinema in 1987’s Cry Of Freedom, which gave him his first Oscar nomination.

But the real history of the rising artist began with the movie “Glory” in 1989, and for his role in it he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Its events revolve around Robert Gold Shaw, who leads the first group of blacks in the American Civil War, and fights against the parties outside the idea of ​​unity.

Then Denzel set out as a galloping horse launched in an empty yard, and excelled in various roles between a crippled investigator, a corrupt policeman, a high school football coach, a private guard and others.

He was able to explain the difference between him and all the other actors when he presented the movie “Malcolm X” in 1992. The role he played for the African-American Muslim leader Malcolm X may be repeated as an extract from the X memoirs, but the brown star crossed the limits in interacting with The character and its amazing reproduction, and the film was a collaboration with the Hollywood director “Spike Lee”, with whom he then presented “He Got a Game” in 1998 and then “Inside Man” in 2006.

Denzel was able to explain the difference between him and others when he presented the movie “Malcolm X” (communication sites)

In his movie “Philadelphia” in 1993, Denzel keeps pace with the atmosphere controlling the world at the time and associated with the horror of AIDS, but he deals with the true message of art in defense of people with the disease, and co-star Tom Hanks, where Denzel played the role of a lawyer who was fired from his work because of his injury. with AIDS.

Another milestone in Denzel’s career was the 2001 movie “Training Day”, where he outperformed many stars known for playing bad cops such as Russell Crowe and Sean Penn. The film revolves around the first day of a new policeman played by actor Ethan Hawke, and he is joined by a senior officer on the job.

Perhaps Denzel’s personal nature led to his participation in the making of a distinguished movie, “Book of Eli” in 2010, so we find a calm brown person embarking on a journey from the far east to the far west, carrying a message and striving to defend it despite the attempts of adventurers, murderers and robbers. on her.

The man fights valiantly, with strength and courage until he reaches the Museum of Human Civilization. He begins reciting the “Gospel”, so that the museum curator writes and prints it and puts it on one of the shelves of a huge library next to the Holy Qur’an to preserve these books or messages for future generations after the collapse of human civilization.

One of Denzel’s most exciting and beautiful films, 1995’s Crimson Tide, embodied the constant conflict between the job duty of an assistant officer on a nuclear ship based on obeying the commander’s orders, and the danger embodied in obeying these orders absolutely for the entire entity, which drives him To carry out a mutiny and depose his captain to protect the ship itself.

Denzel presented a lot of creativity through his experience, but his career itself is a special kind of creativity, as he overcame the barrier of race at an early age, and adhered to a system of values ​​that Hollywood could not strip him of, and here he is approaching the end of his summit journey to stand behind the camera as a director and producer in a new journey .

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