Dozens injured in clashes between Palestinians and the occupation army in the West Bank

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society announced, on Thursday, that the number of injuries among Palestinians has risen to 127, as a result of confrontations with the Israeli occupation army, in the occupied West Bank.

According to a statement by the association, 42 people were injured by metal bullets, 83 suffocated as a result of tear gas canisters, and two people were burned.

The statement stated that first aid was provided to a girl who was nervous as a result of a settler attack on their house. The Israeli army also targeted an ambulance with a gas bomb, which damaged it.

Earlier on Thursday, 5 Palestinians were injured as a result of clashes that erupted in the center of the town of Burqa, north of Nablus, between demonstrators and the Israeli army.

The clashes erupted, according to eyewitnesses, after the army closed the entrance to the town with earth mounds, under the pretext of securing a march of settlers that was organized towards the Homesh settlement, one of whose settlers was killed Thursday in a shooting attack carried out by Palestinians.

In this context, settlers participating in that march attacked a house and a car washroom belonging to Palestinians at the entrance to the town of Burqa, causing material damage to it, according to witnesses.

Palestinians in separate areas of the West Bank are subjected to repeated attacks by settlers and the Israeli army, with the aim of putting pressure on them and displacing them from their lands, according to Palestinian officials.

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