In conjunction with a resolution similar to the Security Council .. Washington allows transactions with the Taliban to continue the flow of aid to Afghanistan

The US Treasury has issued 3 general licenses to facilitate the continued flow of humanitarian aid and other forms of support to the Afghan people, coinciding with a UN Security Council resolution that adopted facilitating aid access to Afghanistan.

The licenses granted authorize transactions in which the Taliban, the Haqqani Network or associated institutions are involved in the conduct of the business of the US government, international organizations, and other entities.

Excluded from the sanctions on the Taliban movement and the Haqqani network all transactions necessary for non-governmental organizations, according to conditions related to the fulfillment of basic humanitarian needs, which are of direct benefit to the Afghan people and the protection of the environment and natural resources.

The resolutions exempt US and UN officials who conduct authorized dealings with the Taliban from sanctions.

A senior US administration official said the Taliban would have to take measures to prevent Afghanistan’s economy from shrinking further.

international support

It was not clear if that would clear the way for a proposed UN payment of about $6 million to the Movement for Security.

An exclusive Reuters report on Tuesday said the world body plans to subsidize the monthly wages of employees of the Taliban-run Interior Ministry who guard UN facilities next year and pay them monthly food allowances, a proposal that raised questions about whether those payments would violate US sanctions.

The US Treasury declined to say whether the new license would exempt UN payments from sanctions against the Taliban.

After designating the Taliban a terrorist group for years, Washington ordered a freeze on its assets in the United States and prohibited Americans from dealing with it.

The economic crisis in Afghanistan worsened after the Taliban seized power in August with the collapse of the previous Western-backed government and the withdrawal of the last US forces.

The United States and other donors have cut financial aid and froze more than $9 billion in hard currency assets in Afghanistan.

Security Council Resolution

Yesterday, Wednesday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution proposed by the United States that would facilitate humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan over a year, in light of the great economic difficulties that this country is experiencing.

The resolution provides for “allowing the payment of funds and financial assets” such as “providing necessary goods and services” to meet “basic humanitarian needs in Afghanistan”, without this being a “violation” of the sanctions imposed on entities linked to the Taliban.

The Taliban welcomed what it considered a “good step” forward after the Security Council adopted the resolution facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, and hoped that this would allow sanctions to be lifted.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Agence France-Presse, “It is a good step that we appreciate, because this may help the economic situation in Afghanistan,” expressing his hope that this will contribute to “accelerating” the pace of lifting economic sanctions on entities linked to the movement.

The United Nations says that about 23 million people, or about 55 percent of the population, face extreme levels of hunger, and that about 9 million are at risk of starvation as the winter gets colder.

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