Iranian nuclear negotiations… What are the options for the eighth round?

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Mahjoub Zweiri, professor of Gulf and Iran Studies at Qatar University, said that continuing negotiations between Iran and the United States to revive the nuclear agreement is a strategic option for all parties.

In his speech to an episode of “Scenarios” program (2021/23) he added that the negotiation option is taken within 3 tracks. The first is global peace and security, because the Europeans and America do not want to go to war with Iran until the moment, and the second track relates to the specificity of the region and the Gulf and the effects of the war on them. The third track is the previous agreement that was achieved as a result of the negotiations.

He added that threatening to re-impose sanctions through the UN Security Council could take place, but it would not introduce anything new in the matter and would complicate matters further. It would not stop uranium enrichment in Iran, nor would it stop the ballistic missile development program, noting that Iran for 40 years had been keen to That a Western axis not be formed against it, and it is keen to continue this approach now.

He stressed that Israel was able to strike Iran in many locations, and the goal is not to engage in a military confrontation, but to delay and obstruct the Iranian nuclear program, and that these attacks that took place underground were with an American green light, noting that things will remain as they are with targeting the Iranian nuclear program. With more than one picture.

war option

For his part, Trita Parsi, former advisor to former US President Barack Obama during the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear file, said that the administration of US President Joe Biden officially announced its desire to return to the Iranian nuclear agreement, but it did not take quick steps to return to the previous agreement, but rather waited two and a half months to start negotiations. .

He considered that the negotiations to reach the eighth round without reaching an agreement is not serious, and that Washington’s thinking of the military option is unhealthy, ruling out at the same time that the United States would launch or allow Israel to launch a military strike against Iran because Biden, since he came to power, wants to stop the wars in the east Middle East, and he launched this stage with the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He added that the most likely option in the coming period is to enter the agreement into a state of stagnation to create a new situation to deal with the issue away from declaring the negotiations failed, because this declaration means entering into other options, including the military option.

Revival of the agreement

On the other hand, a researcher specializing in regional issues, Muhammad Seddian, said that Iran, by entering the negotiations that preceded the 2015 agreement, wanted to resolve this issue through the negotiating table, but Washington withdrew from it and imposed sanctions, which put everyone in a critical angle after the mistrust between the two parties.

He added that if Israel decides to confront, Iran will have the ability to repair the damage caused by the attacks carried out by Tel Aviv, as happened at the Natanz nuclear facility in a short time, noting that there is a mutual cyber war between the two parties, calling not to test Iran’s military capabilities because it She hasn’t announced everything she owns yet.

He added that the United States rejects Israel from striking Iran, noting that Washington, in all Tel Aviv’s wars in the region, gave it the green light and established an air bridge with it to supply it with weapons, and this will not happen at the present time, expecting that reviving the previous nuclear agreement is possible and needs time to implement it. order to reduce uranium enrichment and lift sanctions simultaneously.

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