Le Figaro: A talkative spy who damages the Mossad

The reputation of former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen suffered a severe blow after an Israeli television channel revealed that while he was still in office, he revealed secret operations of the Mossad during intimate conversations with a flight attendant, and even during conversations with her husband.

Le Figaro’s Israel correspondent Mark Henry stated that it was the woman’s husband who published all this, seriously undermining the image of the “super spy” Yossi Cohen, who according to the reporter is considered the “Israeli version of James Bond”, in reference to the well-known British actor.

According to the French newspaper’s correspondent, the former head of the Mossad was promoting that he wanted to leave the impression that he was the one who orchestrated decisive operations against the Iranian nuclear program, an image that he promoted for 5 years before his departure last June.

He added that the story began with a report by the private TV-13 channel, where she was able to interview Guy Sheka, whose wife fell under the influence of the Mossad chief, who met her and her husband several times in their home in a suburb of Tel Aviv. During these meetings, Cohen, according to the husband’s account, bragged about giving details of the Mossad’s secret activities.

Among other things, he recruited a physician to an Arab chief, gave details of travels that were to be kept secret, and evoked his many “legendary adventures” which also included acting as a guide for an Arab excursion.

And the flight attendant’s husband adds that Cohen “also told us that he fired 6 Mossad division chiefs (the equivalent of an army general) 10 days after taking office in 2016 because he did not see them as “serious or loyal”.

He also said, “Cohen made it clear that he made these leaders consider him their best friend when he was at their level in the hierarchy, before he mercilessly abandoned them.”

As for why Cohen revealed his secrets, Sheka says that he believed he was trying to comfort him (the husband) “by sharing secrets with him to make him realize how proud he should be of meeting the Mossad chief” and thus transcend marital considerations. In an effort to limit the damage caused by this display of serious professional misconduct, which would have merited serious penalties, Cohen denied everything.

For her part, the wife’s lawyer appealed to the courts, without success, to prevent the broadcast of the report, in the name of defending the privacy of this woman and the safety of the couple’s two children.

Le Figaro’s correspondent believes that this information comes at a bad time for Cohen, who did not hide his ambitions to one day become prime minister with the blessing of Benjamin Netanyahu (former prime minister), who appointed him to head the Mossad, a dream that he believed his previous job would enable him to achieve, especially since Major operations took place during his term as Mossad, including the elimination of the number one enemy in Israel, the father of Iran’s nuclear program, Ali Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, not to mention a list of mysterious explosions or cyber sabotage at Iranian nuclear sites, and he also oversaw the theft of Iran’s secret nuclear archive.

In short, the reporter says that Cohen has the perfect personality to eventually seduce the Israeli electorate when the day comes when he runs for office, but his aura has been greatly damaged by the information revealed, and he revealed on the occasion of his departure, in a television interview, the details of the sabotage operations in Iran that It should have been kept secret.

Cohen, on the other hand, had used his relationships with a senior UAE official while in office to find a job in a Gulf finance company for his daughter. Criticism of accepting the gift Cohen said he returned the money to its owner.

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