LG wants to present these adventurous OLED concepts at the CES

For the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the display division of the Korean manufacturer LG has prepared two concepts that are rather unusual. The “Media Chair” acts. It has a kind of rocker design that combines a curved OLED display and a deck chair. “Virtual Ride”, on the other hand, is a fitness bike with a kind of OLED screen made up of three 55-inch displays.

Media chair for relaxed media consumption

Image: LG Display

The concept, named “Media Chair” by LG, consists of a rotatable and curved 55-inch television that is attached to the end of a rocker, on the other side of which the consumer sits. With a curvature of 1500R, which is ideal for such applications according to LG. The viewer sits at the perfect focal distance to the picture, which guarantees an optimal viewing experience.

The display can be rotated at the push of a button and has a cinematic sound OLED, so it generates the sound through its own vibrations. This is supplemented by speakers built into the chair. According to LG, a massage chair manufacturer from Korea will turn the prototype into a series model and then sell it. However, nothing is known about the price.


Image: LG Display

The second concept with which LG Display wants to appear at the CES is called “Virtual Ride”. It is a fitness bike that is mounted in front of a giant picture made up of three curved 55-inch screens with 4k resolution. The aim is to suggest to the driver as immersively as possible that he is driving in the great outdoors. LG Display presents the technology as an alternative to VR headsets. The top screen is curved with a radius of 500 millimeters. A tighter curve has not yet been achieved with a display of this size.

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