Mottaki.. The security that the Taliban achieved in Afghanistan within 4 months, which America has been unable to achieve for 20 years

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Afghan Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki rejected the accusations of some Western countries against the Taliban of their inability to achieve security for the country, and stressed that the security that was achieved during 4 months of ruling Afghanistan was not achieved by America during 20 years.

In statements to the “Today’s Meeting” program on 12/23/2121, Mottaki confirmed that the reality in Afghanistan has changed a lot after the Taliban movement came to power, explaining that people can move between Afghan states and cities at all times – including late at night – without They are faced with any threat of any kind.

He pointed out that despite the presence of the United States at the head of international forces in Afghanistan for 20 years, it was unable to reach this safe and stable situation in Afghanistan.

The Afghan official rejected the accusations by some international powers of his country’s government not fulfilling its obligations regarding relations with groups that are classified as “terrorist” and enabling them to control these groups. The Taliban took control of the country.

With regard to the international recognition of the legitimacy of the Taliban government, Mottaki expressed a lot of optimism in this regard, noting that many countries have reopened their embassies in Afghanistan, and there are other countries heading the same way. He also pointed out the large number of official international delegations that come to Afghanistan, which is what He considered it an indication of an international tendency to recognize the Taliban government.

He stressed that the Taliban government has fulfilled all the conditions required to obtain international legitimacy, and said that the most important of these conditions is to achieve security and provide a decent living for people, something that has already been achieved by the movement during a record period.

As for the accusations of some international forces against the Taliban movement of not respecting human rights or minorities, he replied by confirming that there were no political prisoners with the movement, which he said had issued a general amnesty even for those who fought it, while the United States arrested members of the Islamic Emirate and threw them into prisons and dealt With them as if they are not human.

With regard to the rights of minorities, he stressed that the Taliban did not make changes to the government of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, an ally of America and the West, and explained that there are about 500,000 minorities still working in the government, and some of them hold high positions up to Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry.

On the economic front, he talked about the Taliban’s ability to put an end to the bank collapse, fight corruption, and secure salaries for 3 months, which are achievements of the movement that cannot be ignored, at a time when previous governments were seizing billions of dollars that reached the country as international aid.

He said that the Taliban is looking forward to reaching the stage of self-sufficiency and benefiting from the country’s industrial components. He stressed Afghanistan’s right to release its assets frozen in the United States, and stressed that there are some representatives in Congress who stand by Afghanistan in this matter.

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