Narcissus seller.. A Syrian girl selling flowers in a camp for the displaced receives the sympathy of the platforms

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The Syrian child, Marwa, known as the “narcissist seller”, kidnapped the hearts of the pioneers of digital platforms, and her image received a wide interaction among users of social networking sites.

The eighth bulletin – your publication (12/23/2021) monitored the interaction with the story of the girl Marwa, who sells flowers in a camp for the displaced in Idlib countryside, after the Syrian Civil Defense account posted on Twitter a picture of her and she resorted to selling narcissus to help her family.

The Civil Defense attached the photo to a tweet in which he wrote, “The narcissist Marwa is standing near her tent in the northern countryside of Idlib, to sell the flowers she collects and support her mother and sister after her father’s death. She has a very big dream of having a game and a warm home. She was left to wrestle with life without any hope of a better future.”

The picture received great sympathy on Arab digital platforms, where Firas Al-Khalifa expressed his sympathy with the girl and referred to the rest of the children of Syria, writing, “Marwa, the narcissist seller, stands near her tent in the village of Hattan in the northern countryside of Idlib, to sell the flowers she collects and support her mother and sister after the death of her father, a Syrian child.” Like her dozens, the war forced her to go out in the bitter cold to eat and feed her mother and sister.

In turn, the media, Rola Haider, apologized to the girl for the lost conscience of the world, and said, “Sorry, the narcissist, the world loves to sell consciences more.”

As for Sultan, he confirmed that the child, Marwa, is the narcissus herself, but she is not for sale. He wrote, “Marwa, the seller of narcissus, lives in the wind and is inhabited by frost, supports her mother and children under her age. You know that at night there are stars, you know that morning has little feet in winding and bumpy roads, Marwa.. The narcissus seller is a narcissus that cannot be sold.”

Ahmed Assi talked about Marwa being forced to sell flowers, not out of love, but rather to support her family. He commented, “The Narcissus seller Marwa is not a story from a novel or an anecdote for entertainment. She is a child in one of the camps of the northern Idlib countryside who stands near her tent to sell flowers, not for the love of flowers or to spread love and peace. Rather, it is her only option to support a helpless mother and a young sister after she lost her father and any breadwinner.”

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