“Out of the Curriculum” .. a successful cinematic theme that is haunted by misfortune

After it was shown at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, the movie “Over the Method” by Egyptian director Amr Salama began commercially, and it is his latest work after the series “Paranormal”, which was shown in 2020 on the “Netflix” platform, and it was his last movie Filmography is “Sheikh Jackson” production 2017.

Salama returned in the movie “Out of the Method” to a set of themes through which he is trying to build his cinematic language, but in light of great misfortune, or more precisely poor planning from the distribution company, the film was released in the same week in which the movie “Spiderman: No Way Home” was shown. Which captured almost all the window revenues in Egyptian and international cinemas as well, which introduced the movie “Out of the Method” in the Bermuda Triangle of Egyptian films that enter and exit the cinematic season without the audience feeling it.

But apart from the inappropriate date of the show and the irrational competition, the question that presents itself is whether if “Over the Course” was shown at any other time or appropriate cinematic season, it would have actually competed for the box office?

Shadow of the movie “No Mowakha”

One of Amr Salama’s most important works is the movie “No Blame” produced in 2014, starring the child – at that time – Ahmed Dash and Kinda Alloush, whose events revolve around a Christian child from a affluent class, who is forced to attend a public school after the sudden death of his father, in which he is forced to get acquainted with a world Different and clashing with other layers of society he did not imagine their existence, while concealing his religion for fear of bullying his colleagues.

This film launched Dash’s acting career, and established Amr Salama as his third feature film, and in “Out of the Methodology”, he tries to return once again to the orbit of the same success, with a film that revolves again in the cruel world of children, where we get to know the orphan child Nour, this time, Who lives in a village in the seventies or the end of the sixties of the last century.

He struggles every day to gain the respect of his teachers and classmates who bully him for his extreme poverty, poor eyesight and the smell of bad roads he passes on during his long journey to school that stick to his clothes, and finds no solution but to exploit his knowledge of the truth of the ghost hidden in the palace in front of the school, a lonely man who frightens To prevent the children from being curious, Nour tells everyone that he is the only one who can deal with the ghost until they develop a relationship that begins to change both of their lives.

The situation in “Out of the Curriculum” is different, or we can say it is wrong. The story in “No blame” focuses on the suffering of the young child with bullying and the paradoxes of the difference between the old and the new school, while in the movie “Out of the Curriculum” it was not clear, so the viewer does not know whether the teenager Little Nour is the protagonist of the film whose journey we follow to gain respect, or the ghost or the man in his clothes who escapes from society?

Amr Salama did not succeed with this confusion in providing any depth to the two characters, but rather remained there, ranging between the individual journey of each of them, and the meetings between them, in addition to distracting attention with exotic scenes, to stories told by the ghost to Nour to relieve him of the difficulties of his life drawn from Egyptian history, implemented in a caricature way, in Attempting to impose more of the childish world on the film, but in fact spoiled the rhythm completely and increased its chaos.

mixture of everything

Amr Salama tried to offer a little of everything and eventually produced a mismatched mixture. He moved from bullying to domestic violence against women and children, poverty, and then the absence of the father represented by the father of the child Nour. As for the radio broadcaster or the ghost, this chaos increased when he introduced a political line without logic to the events, between the fabricated stories he tells to Nour or his personal story as a radio broadcaster. Society after deceiving everyone during the setback of 1967 when he broadcast false statements about the victory of the Egyptian army, without any real logic that makes this person condemn in the first place, in light of the fact that he broadcasts official statements issued by the state.

At the same time, the film relied largely on the charisma of its hero, Majid Al-Kidwani and the child Omar Sharif, the harmony between them, and the lightness of shadows that result from paradoxes due to children’s fear of the ghost and his special dealings with Nour, but in fact all of that was not enough to solve the chaos of the scenario, because with this The case is that we only have separate clips that may be funny, but they are not enough to present a film as a single tapestry.

This is in addition to the sub-personalities whose existence has not been established or clarified, such as the music teacher who helps Nour, or the daughter of the famous radio broadcaster who appears out of nowhere and decides to demolish her father’s house and does not believe in his existence.

Therefore, among Amr Salama’s previous films, “Out of the Method” is considered the weakest cinematically, as it was not able to present the world of adolescence and youth, as in “Sheikh Jackson,” or childhood, as happened in “No blame.” It is a film that is confused between different ideas and goals. Acting is his rescue or even the nostalgia of the past, which the director often resorts to to give his work a special character.

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